In Exodus 3000, when the player has obtained a certain amount Mars Dollars (which tends to be a high amount), the player may convert their Mars Dollars into real cash.

The minimum amount and the amount of real cash the minimum will be converted into is announced on the 20th of every month (and is subject to change without notice). The player may only request payout on 1st of every month. The cash is sent to PayPal or a personal check. E-Gold is no longer an option.

Previous Exchange Rates:
Month MD per $20.00
August 20,000
September 39,500
October 46,800 *subject to change

To keep the game fair for newcomers, when payout is requested, the player loses all their Mars Dollars and settlements they govern, and the amount of upgrades they have will be cut in half. So if a player had level 20 of weapon, defence, intelligence, and security and requested payout on the 1st of the month, the player will then have level 10 of weapon, defence, intelligence, and security. Since the player only has their upgrades cut in half, they can remain competitive in the game.

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