Peach Circuit is the first course of the Mario Kart game, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, then reappeared in Mario Kart DS as the third course of Shell Cup, and in Dutch Girls Racing as the first course of the Mushroom Cup. It is from Mario.


Dutch Girls Racing

Peach Circuit appears as the first course of the Mushroom Cup. When Vee says that the green light is on, the track starts outside of Princess Peach's castle. It comes to a left turn, and a right turn near a shortcut. You do a trick on a ramp. Now you come to the tiki trees. When you pass them, there are seven tiki trees. It comes to a bridge. When you cross the bridge, it comes to a dirt road. There is one ramp. It have a trick only. The player comes to Princess Peach's castle. That's never happened before. You glide to two Goomba you pass. It goes inside the tunnel. Before you go back to the finish line, you do a trick.

Peach Circuit MKSC

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Staff Ghost

The player shows which time he does, like 02:15:323 featuring Princess Peach in the her Standard Kart, the Peach Blossom, and the Golden Wheels.


The music from Mario Kart 7's Toad Circuit/Mario Circuit is included in this course.

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