Peanut (PB&J Otter)

Peanut Otter is one of the main characters in PB&J Otter.


As McGregor in Nine Critter Christmas: Peanut is the ragtag critter gang's de facto leader, along with Simon (Snowplow).

As Tank in Nine Rodent Christmas: He and his streetwise squirrel buddy, McSquizzy meet up with and unwittingly join the rest of the rodent pack. He falls in love with Jelly (QT).

As Kipper in Peanut the Otter: He is warm hearted, friendly and curious. He is also best friends with Munchy (Tiger)

As Ren in The Peanut and Munchy Show: He is portrayed as being greedy, grumpy, insane, delusional, paranoid, violent and insecure. However, despite being annoyed by Munchy (Stimpy) most of the times, he is best friends with him.

As Top Cat in Top Otter: He is a greedy, somewhat lazy and clever otter.

As Timon in The Otter King: He is a wise cracking and self absorbed otter who is known for claiming Munchy's (Pumbaa's) ideas as his own.

As Monroe in The Life and Times of Jelly Otter: He is quite educated in the world of magic, having been alive for several centuries and assisting each Te Xuan Ze critter for nearly that entire time.

As Mr. Fussy in The Mr Men Show version of PB&J Otter: He is a very persnickety otter.

As Cat in the CatDog version of PB&J Otter: He is smarter and more cunning than Jelly (Dog).

As Nico in the Rio version of PB&J Otter: He is a close friend of Munchy (Pedro). He loves to samba.

As Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones version of PB&J Otter: He tends to be loud-mouthed, aggresive and constantly scheming ways to improve his family's working class lot in life. However, he has a heart of gold.

As Jock in the Lady and the Tramp version of PB&J Otter: Despite being grumpy at times, he is an extremely kind and sweet otter.

As Bolt in the Bolt version of PB&J Otter: He has a very contrast personality which varies and develops much in his movie as its star.

As Dug in the Up version of PB&J Otter: He is a cheerful otter that loves to have fun and company.

As Peter in the Family Guy version of PB&J Otter: He is a blue collar working otter.

As Timothy in the Dumbo version of PB&J Otter: He is friends with Butter (Dumbo).

As Woody in the Toy Story version of PB&J Otter: He is a very loyal cowotter who has been Andy's (Ernest's) favorite toy.

As Cooler in Pound Critters and Pound Critters and the Legend of Slinky Dog: He is the leader of the Pound Critters. In Pound Critters and the Legend of Slinky Dog, he teams up with his other Pound Critter friends to help solve the mystery of the Golden Babblebery (Bone of Scone).

As Shackelford in Marco's Really Big Movie: He is a death defying high flying and acrobatic otter who is the star of the show.

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