Peanut at The Video Store is a Better Choice version of Peanut Throws a Tantrum (A PB&J Otter and Spongebob Squarepants Crossover).


When Peanut Otter and his family visit the video store, he really wants a VHS tape of The Tigger Movie to complete his Winnie the Pooh video collection. However, when Opal says that they're only a cent off from being able to buying it, Peanut feels disappointed. While Opal and Ernest offer other suggestions, angel and devil versions of Peanut appear on his shoulders. Angel Peanut expects his normal counterpart to try something different while Devil Peanut tries to encourage him to get upset and whine about it. Peanut decides to follow the angel's advice and chooses a Popples: Springtime's a Poppin' VHS instead. This makes Peanut's family proud of him for not overreacting to a little problem. Peanut then happily watches the VHS he obtained, hoping to get The Tigger Movie on VHS next time.


[One day at a store selling old videos not far from Lake Hoohaw..]

[The Otter Family enters the store]

Ernest: "We're here, everyone! Let's pick out a classic cartoon we can watch."

Jelly: "Okay, daddy!"

[Jelly browses one shelf]

Jelly: "I want Transformers! They're awesome!"

[Baby Butter comes across a Sesame Street VHS]

Baby Butter: "Ooh!"

[Peanut walks by a The Tigger Movie VHS and stops in his tracks]

Peanut: "Hey! That must be the tape that's missing from my Winnie the Pooh tape collection! I must ask mom and dad about it!" (to his parents) "Mom! Dad! Come here, please!"

[Ernest and Opal come to Peanut]

Opal: "Is that what you want, Peanut?"

Peanut: "Yeah, mom! Can I please have it?"

Ernest: "Let me check how much money I have." (picks up money from his body pocket and carefully counts it) "Hmmm... We have $18.98."

[Opal picks up the tape]

Opal: (reading the price sticker) "$18.99..."

Ernest: "Sorry, son, but we're just a cent off. Let's find something else at a cheaper price."

Peanut: "Aw, man!"

Opal: "Now don't you pout. Let's choose a different cartoon."

[Zoom in on Peanut. Angel and devil versions of him appear near his face]

Angel Peanut: "It's OK, dear friend. It's best to try something else for a change."

Devil Peanut: "That angel's a liar, Peanut! Whine and complain all you want! It'll give you what you want!"

Angel Peanut: "You can get that Tigger Movie tape another time. I'd like to see you try something new. It's fun to explore new things."

Peanut: "Hmmmm...Alright! I'll try something else!"

Angel Peanut: "Good for you!"

Devil Peanut: "Why you...." (the angel and devil disappear)

Peanut: "Mom, dad. I'll be flexible and pick something different!"

Ernest: "OK. As long as we have enough money for that!"

Peanut: "Alright." (continues browsing through the video store)

[Suddenly, Peanut sees a Popples: Springtime's a Poppin' VHS]

Peanut: "Huh? What are those--" (looks at the tape cover) "Woah! These creatures look silly enough for me to be interesting already! I'll have that one."

[Peanut takes the tape and returns to his parents]

Peanut: "Can we have this instead? It's funny-looking to me that it makes me chuckle!"

Opal: (gently takes the tape) "Hmmm...Popples? They look kinda cute." (checks the price sticker) "$18.49?"

Ernest: "We have enough for that! We can take it!"

Peanut: "Alright!"

[Jelly (with a Transformers VHS in her paw) and Butter (holding onto a Sesame Street VHS) head to the scene]

Jelly: "What'd you get?"

Peanut: "A Popples tape!"

Jelly: "Neat, but I got a Transformers tape and Butter got a Sesame Street one!"

Ernest: "Hold on, now. Since we don't have enough for all three, we should choose one."

Jelly: "I'd say we go with Peanut's choice! I'll get the Transformers one next time!"

[Baby Butter nods in agreement]

Opal: "OK! We'll go with Popples!"

PB&J: "Yay!"

Ernest: "Peanut, I'm so proud of you for not overreacting to a small problem."

Opal: "You made the right choice!"

Jelly: "Good job, older brother!"

Baby Butter: "Yeah yeah!"

Peanut: "Thanks! Whaddya say we pay for it and go home?"

Opal: "Sure thing!"

[After paying and returning to their houseboat, Peanut happily watches the Popples tape]

Peanut: (chuckling) "I love their funny antics." (to the audience) "You know, there's always next time to complete my Winnie the Pooh tape collection."

[Iris out, the end]

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