"Peanuts Bumper Specials" are USA VHS releases were distributed by Kartes Video Communications in 1984.
  • What Next, Charlie Brown
  • It's Three Strikes, Charlie Brown
  • Very Funny, Charlie Brown
  • She Likes You, Charlie Brown
  • You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown
  • You Can't Win, Charlie Brown
  • Good Grief, Charlie Brown
  • I Think I Like It, Charlie Brown (Rerun, Charlie Brown, Sally, Soccer, Lucy, Rerun, Plus 4 Delightful Adventures & Misadventures!)
  • Trust Me, Charlie Brown (Trust Linus, Sally & The Red Balloon, Rerun, The Trobule With Mud, Sally, The World's Strongest Friend, Plus 3 Delightful Adventures & Misadventures!)
  • It's Bedtime, Charlie Brown (Bully, Blanket, Sleep, Sally, The Blanket, Sally & Snoopy, Plus 8 Delightful Adventures & Misadventures!)
  • Thank You, Charlie Brown (The Secret Letter, Sally, Blanket, Linus & Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, Plus 5 Delightful Adventures & Misadventures!)
  • Yes, I Can, Charlie Brown (Linus, Patty, Lucy, Snowballs, Friend Trouble, Teaching, Plus 6 Delightful Adventures & Misadventures!)
  • I Say So, Charlie Brown (Lucy, Snow Sculpture, Snowballs, Kite, Charlie Brown)
  • It's A Ghost, Charlie Brown (Lucy's Ghost, Chocolate Crunch, Linus & The Squeak, Great Pumpkin, Snow, Mystery, Plus 2 Delightful Adventures & Misadventures!)
  • Are You My Neighbour, Charlie Brown (The Grand Opening, Snoopy, Linus, Schroeder, Shaking, Frieda, Plus 1 Delightful Adventure & Misadventure!)

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