A Peladon

The Peladon are a tall, thin, humanoid race that was native to the planet Pela. Their skulls were elongated and thin, with a tall brain cavity and drooping cheekbones. Their large hands were tipped with equally long fingers. The skin of the average Peladon was a pasty-white color, the result of living indoors and underground for much of their lives. A Peladons internal organs were perhaps most noted for the fact that each Peladon had three hearts. Although Peladons often traveled away from their homeworld, such trips were quite short, as many Peladons became homesick if away from Pela for too long. As a people, the Peladons were noted for their ability to calculate complex mathematical data without the use of a computer. Peladon children were at least as mathematically competent as the smartest human. Peladons were also incredibly greedy beings who saw all other beings as hotheaded and impulsive, and looked to take whatever advantages their could with other races. Peladon society was controlled by the most prominent of clans, and only those members of the most powerful clans ever left the surface of Pela.

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