A Pelosian

The Pelosians are a race of humanoids that closely resemble humans, at least externally, the Pelosians were more myth than reality to many of the galaxy's inhabitants. Although outwardly similar to humans, internally their composition differed greatly from that of pure human stock. The primary difference was that the Pelosians have proboscii hidden inside their cheeks that could be extended out from their nostrils. These proboscii were used to consume the brain of the Pelosians victim. The Pelosians placed his face nose-to-nose with its victim, and the proboscii were then extended into the victim's nostrils and then into the brain, where they consumed the brain and all its life energies. The Pelosians referred to the brain and its energies as "soup," a reference to the Sea of Memory that was believed to surround the planet Anzat. They were creatures of no real biological rhythm; they simply existed. When they required rest, they dropped into a deep coma-like state.

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