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Pencil Puzzles

You may have seen the movie "WordPlay" about crossword puzzles. There are lots of other word-game puzzles out there. Some are variations on crosswords, like "Petal Puzzles" (the grid is mapped on a cylinder), or "LadderGrams" where the clues come in trios and the answers are a series of anagram words of decreasing length.

The common characteristic of many of these games is that there are 2 ways of determining the words: 1. the clues, and 2. the letters derived from adjoining clues. Additionally, the derived letters often make up thematically-related words or phrases, which in a certain sense is a 3rd meta-clue.

Offsite resources:

  1. Variety Puzzle by Penny Press (formerly Dell's Pencil Puzzles & Word Games)
  2. Games Magazine

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