Ruler Queen Alhiana I
Population 250,000
Demographics Humans 87%, Halflings 6%, Wood Elves 3%, Dwarves 2%, others 2%
Languages Pendran
Capital City Talantha (population: 14,500)
National Colours Green and purple
Year Founded 211
Currency Khotrisian
Exports Fish, grain, horses, lumber, meat, salt, weapons
Wealth Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Stable
Allies None
Enemies Arkalia
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion(s)
  • Akacia
  • Ariza
  • Aurania
  • Shaerlyn
  • Sirin
Other Religions
  • Corana
  • Daramos
  • Luc
  • Lureene
Climate Temperate
Terrain Grasslands, plains
Famous Citizens
Creator Jagtai

Pendra is a nation of women. To the common man, this may sound like a weak nation, but the Pendrans are not easily defeated.
—Marcus Hemring, Arch Sage of Khotris

A nation forged in the heat of battle, Pendra is a land of female warriors.


Pendra is located between the Old River to the north and the Death River to the south. The nation is mostly farmlands, but most of the area along the Death River are stony badlands. To the east lies Kaelin Forest, given life by the two rivers which part at its eastern border. The Tellyn Hills to the south is infested with goblins, though these are usually content with fighting each other.

Notable Flora and Fauna

Pendra has been largely domesticated, and wildlife is present only in the Tellyn Hills and the Kaelin Forest. The Old River teems with fish of all kinds, especially Silver Salmons. Many kinds of trees grow in Kaelin Forest, the most significant being Ironwood trees.


Pendra was founded in 211 by Rhovanioni refugees, most of who were women - war widows from the recent destruction of Rhovanion at the hands of Arkalia. The refugees gathered under the self-titled Queen Zeela Silverthorn and founded Pendra, named after Pendram Silverthorn, Zeela's late husband.

Pendra existed in relative peace for over a century. But in 340, the Arkalian Empire invaded Pendra, slew Queen Daleena, and enslaved thousands of Pendrans, especially young girls. All able-bodied Pendrans fled into Ered Numen. Pendra was occupied between 340 and 343, when the newly elected Queen Sharanna led her people back to Pendra. Aided by the Drow wizard Malus Spite, the Pendrans defeated the Arkalians and killed the Arkalian heir, Prince Taros in the Battle of Bones. Queen Sharanna took the Pendran throne with Malus as her advisor.

The Arkalian Empire invaded Pendra again in 401, but the invasion was repelled by an army of undead, summoned by Malus. Since then, Pendra has existed in peace, though no-one dares to hope it will last.


Pendra is a semi-democratic monarchy. On the death of the Queen, the leaders of the twelve Houses elect a new Queen. This choice is based upon suitability, and several times has a commoner been chosen over a noble. Since the election in 375, when the successor of Queen Sharanna was chosen, Malus Spite has had the final say. Though initially wary, his choices so far - Queen Narinna in 375 and Queen Alhiana in 401 - has shown themselves to be excellent and selfless rulers, and the twelve Houses now trusts the Drow's judgement.

Since 343, when Queen Sharanna made the drow Arch Magus, the ruler of Pendra has been advised by Malus Spite. His wisdom and power has been invaluable to the throne, and many attribute the recent prosperity of Pendra to his advice. Nevertheless, many fear that he is in fact the de facto ruler of Pendra, and may eventually overthrow the monarchy and take overt control himself.

Legal System

The laws of Pendra are surprisingly lenient, and only three crimes are punishable by death: treason, the worship of Zakhrin or his servants, and "the use of magic to the detriment of the people". All other crimes are punished by forced labor or prison.


The Pendran military is divided into 5 groups. In addition to this, the Pendran military can draw upon the Emerald Order, a para-military unit of 100 fighter-mages, formally under the command of Arch Magus Malus Spite.

The Pendran military maintains five fortresses - Hillfort, Tellyn Keep and Highwall, turned towards Arkalia, and Seranna Keep and Tikara Keep, turned towards Kothris.

Pendran Royal Navy

A naval force of 20 warships, 100 officers and 1500 seamen charged with patrolling Pendran waters, the Royal Navy is based in Stormhaven and Talantha.

Pendran Royal Army

A military force composed of the militia units of the towns and villages, a total force of 8,000 light footmen. 5,000 of these are based in the five fortresses guarding Pendra, while the rest act as city guards.

Royal Guard

A military unit of 500 heavy footmen that is charged with the protection of the Queen and her household. Based in Talantha.


A military force consisting of the Sisters of the Spear and the Sisters of the Sword, a total force of 1,000 heavy cavalry. Based in Tellyn and Cyanna respectively.

Swords of Valour

A military force consisting of 200 battlepriests of Ariza and Shadran. This unit is based in the Hall of Valour, the great temple dedicated to Ariza and Shadran just south of Tellyn


Pendra use Khotrisian coinage, mostly because of the vast amount of trade going on between the two nations, and also because of the good relations of the two nations.


Pendra's women have always refused to stand by idly, while their men fight, and men have generally been relegated to secondary positions in Pendran society. There are some exceptions, of course, such as Malus Spite.

Pendran society is wholly feudalistic with minor barons answering to their House Lords, who in turn answers to the Queen. There are twelve major Houses:

House Lamarche

The ruling House of Tellyn, House Lamarche is known for their militaristic views, and have strong ties to the Sisters of the Spear.

House Dumaine

The ruling House of Stormhaven, House Dumaine is a House of merchants and run a flourishing trade empire from their palace in Stormhaven. They are currently vying for control of the trade in Kaelin, in opposition to House Rechel.

House Coucy

The ruling House of Cyanna, House Coucy is militaristic and is known to have strong ties to the Sisters of the Sword.

House Rechel

The ruling House of Kaelin, House Rechel is a House of merchants. The House controls all trade going in and out of Kaelin, but are being challenged by House Dumaine.

House Duberry

The most powerful house in Talantha, House Duberry are politicians to a (wo)man, always scheming to gain more power. Nevertheless, their loyalty to the throne is unquestioned (most of the time).

House Mortain

House Mortain is the only House based in Sharan, and maintain strong ties to the Emerald Order.

House Mercour

A secondary house, House Mercour is based in Talantha. The House is somewhat militaristic, and many members of the House are soldiers or adventurers.

House Thouars

Based in Tellyn, House Thouars control most of the trade going through Tellyn.

House Rohan

Based in Tellyn, House Rohan have strong ties to the Sisters of the Spear.

House Damville

Based in Cyanna, House Damville control much of the trade going through Tellyn.

House Dupois

Based in Kaelin, House Dupois are responsible for much of the forestry in Kaelin Forest.

House Duras

Based in Cyanna, House Duras has strong ties to the Sisters of the Sword, and their Matriarch is the current Grand Mistress of that order.

Important People of Pendra

Queen Alhiana I, Ruler of Pendra

The twenty-three year old ruler of Pendra is a tall, ravenhaired beauty. Like most Queens of Pendra, Alhiana is a skilled warrior, and personally commands the Royal Guard in battle. She has yet to marry, but there are several noblemen wooing her. She trusts the Arch Magus, but is well-known for having an enlightened opinion of her own.

Lady Alvilda Careen, General of Pendran

Lady General Alvilda Careen was a captain in the Royal Army, when Alhiana made her General. Though initially wary of her new position, Lady Careen has shown herself to be an excellent strategist and leader, and is respected by her peers.

Lady Sharanna Perville, Admiral of Pendra

Lady Admiral Sharanna Perville (pronounced Per-viie) was the captain of the warship Korinna, when the Queen made her Admiral. Like her army counterpart, Lady Perville has shown herself to be an excellent strategist and is loved by the men and women under her command.

Lady Deshara Lamarche, Matriarch of House Lamarche and Countess of Tellyn

The aging Lady Deshara Lamarche (pronounced La-marrshe) is the Matriarch of House Lamarche and the Countess of Tellyn. She rules her city with a firm but loving hand, and is loved by her subjects. She no longer commands the Tellyn militia, but has relinquished that position to her daughter Maria.

Lady Kitanna Dumaine, Matriarch of House Dumaine and Countess of Stormhaven

The aging Lady Kitanna Dumaine (pronounced Du-maine) is the Matriarch of House Dumaine and the Countess of Stormhaven. As the leader of House Dumaine, she oversees all business transactions by Dumaine traders, and is known to drive a hard bargain. She runs Stormhaven with an iron fist, but is respected by her subjects.

Lady Christiana Duberry, Matriarch of House Duberry

Lady Christiana Duberry (pronounced Du-ber-ri) is the Matriarch of House Duberry. She holds a grudge against Malus Spite and House Lamarche who cast the deciding votes in 401, which made Alhiana Queen rather than Christiana's own candidate - her daughter, Lupia. Nevertheless, Lady Christiana remains loyal to the throne, spending her time trying to find out how to undermine the authority of House Lamarche and the Arch Magus - efforts that has thus far not paid off.

Lady Shina Mortain, Matriarch of House Mortain

Lady Shina Mortain (pronounced Mortaine) is the Matriarch of House Mortain. She opposes her House's strong ties with the Arch Magus, but can do little considering her daughter's involvement with the Emerald Order. She is currently seeking an alliance with House Duberry in order to undermine the authority of Malus Spite.

Lady Tiina Duras, Grand Mistress of the Sisters of the Sword and Matriarch of House Duras

The aging Lady Tiina Duras (pronounced Du-ra) is the Matriarch of House Duras and the current Grand Mistress of the Sisters of the Sword. She spends most of her time in the citadel of the Sisters, leaving the day-to-day running of her House to her consort Salan and her daughter Lina.

Lady Xenia Tukas, Grand Mistress of the Sisters of the Spear

The young Lady Xenia Tukas (pronounced Tu-kar) is the Grand Mistress of the Sisters of the Spear. She runs the order with a loving hand, using equal amounts of love and discipline to groom the very best warriors in Pendra. She has a friendly rivalry running with Lady Tiina Duras, the Grand Mistress of the Sisters of the Sword.



Population: 7,400. The base of the Sisters of the Sword, and home to House Coucy, House Damville and House Duras.


Population: 6,100. Home to House Rechel and House Dupois.


Population: 2,700. The smallest of the major cities, Sharan is the home of Arch Magus Malus Spite and the Emerald Order. Home to House Mortain


Population: 9,900. The second-largest city after Talantha. Home to House Dumaine.


Population: 9,200. The third-largest city in Pendra, and the base of the Sisters of the Spear. Home to House Lamarche, House Thouars and House Rohan.

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