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Genesis 1

1:1 In the beginning existed only the holy Penguin, and his formatted drive.
1:2 Now this format was astonishingly clean, and /dev/null was on the face of the drive, and the spirit of the Penguin was hovering over the face of the blank disk contained within.
1:3 And the holy Penguin saw the chaos of the /dev/null and created partitions for the files to form.
1:4And the holy Penguin, in his ultimate penguin-ness, did see the chaos was still chaotic in its chaos, and he did prioritise the tasks.
1:5 And the holy Penguin saw the prioritising, that it was good and well ordered, and the holy Penguin separated between the empty space and between the file-system.
1:6 And the holy Penguin called the empty areas “free space”, and the file-system He called “Kernel”, and it was shutdown and it was a reboot, one cycle.
1:7 And the holy Penguin said, "Let there be an expanse in the free space and let it be a separation between games and working files."
1:9 And the holy Penguin made the expanse and it separated between the games that were noneducational and entertaining and the working files that were boring and equally noneducational, and it was so.
1:9 And the holy Penguin called the expanse “space left over for free downloaded DVDs”, and it was shutdown, and it was a reboot, a second cycle.
1:10 And the holy Penguin did operate under an open license, however, he did see his source was being abused, and so, to remain merciful to his believers, he relicensed under a GNU General Public License.

Morals of well known Bible stories:
Adam and Eve: Thou shall not leave a woman alone under the influence of something smarter than her.
Noah: If you are told to make a back up your hard drive for the future, make two (2) copies.

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