penguin chat 1, 2, and 3 were chat games where you could talk and play with other penguins they have now evolved into club penguin.

penguin chat 1

penguin chat 1 can be played here rsnail has said that the idea of a penguin by itself was taken off a comic strip

"Why penguins? The answer usually surprises people. I needed a simple character that I could animate for an experimental project. Looking around my desk, I saw an old Far Side comic that I clipped from a newspaper. This comic showed a penguin slipping on a banana peel. The idea for a waddling penguin with a white background was born. "

penguin chat 2

(football chat)

Penguin chat 3

penguin chat 3 is basiacly club penguin, but more simpler overall. it cannot be played anymore. its still on the internet and you can get to the chatbar, but its just your penguin sitting there, and it cant do anything.


penguin chat 1 and 2:

penguin chat 3:

basiacly, if you want to get past the login screen, right click then press press play on the right click menu. keep doing this untill you get to a penguin called 'wwwwwww'.

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