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Penis extenders or penis stretchers were originally developed in the early 1970’s to treat curvature in the penis. The original device faced a number of engineering flaws which decreased its efficiency and its wide spread adoption by doctors. Today, penis extenders are one of the most common products used by men today for non-surgical penis enlargement. The device uses the widely accepted principle of traction and the bodies’ natural ability to adapt, force on the penile body results in an increase in penis size. The adult industry is one of the largest industries to take on these products, along with leading American and European cosmetic surgeons.

The potential of the penis extender was most recently noted in a clinical study. This study indicated that the penis extender device was effective in treating between 70-90% of all penile curvature as well as Peyronie’s disease and the development of fibrous plaque on the penis shaft. The penis extender was able to successfully and non-surgically treat the curvature of the penis, however patients participating in the study also indicated an increase in penis size, between two to three inches.

The penis extender showed tremendous potential in preliminary studies and as a result a number of renowned doctors have chosen to prescribe the penis extender as an alternative treatment for penile curvature. These devices replace the risky procedures associated with surgery and Vitamin E injections.

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