Penn Zero is the main protagonist of Penn Zero: Part Time Hero and the love interest of Hope Roberts. He has orange hair and blue eyes. His main outfit is composed of: a white shirt with black long sleeves, red pants and white, yellow and black shoes. He is voiced by Thomas Middleditch. At his age, he is 14 years old. While singing to On The Floor and dancing with Hope, his outfit is composed of: a black long sleeved tuxedo under a white shirt, black pants and black shoes.


  • Vonnie Zero (Mother)
  • Brock Zero (Father)
  • Rose Zero (Aunt)
  • Chuck Zero (Uncle)
  • Hope Roberts (Love Interest)


  1. Being nice to Hope
  2. Zapping into every dimension
  3. Getting great luck


  1. The way Hope gets treated
  2. Arguing with someone
  3. Lying to anybody

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