Pennsylvania Office Train - PRR 5771 & 5809

The years of steam would fade in '51 and 52

when 2 diesels wrapped in tuscan red would make their

big debut.

dependable in service, quick & powerful their gate

and hauling highspeed passengers their fate

when the great trains slowly faded with the loss of US mail

the E8s found a home on the Amtrak and then Conrail But railroad hats were fanning and would all anticipate

when they saw these two great diesels once again, as Pennsy E8s! When I see those streamlined engines how

memories start to flow, as they climb around "The Shoe" and go the route of Phoebe Snow

How I long to share the journey as they ride through eastern states

No better way and I can't wait, to see the Pennsy E8s!

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