Penny Round is the love interest of Rick and one of Kassie's best friends appearing in Super Pig. Voiced by Wendee Lee, she has long pink hair, purple eyes and wears a green long sleeved shirt, blue shorts, light tan pantyhose and wears shoeless. At her age, she is 13 years old.


  1. Unnamed Parents
  2. Rick (Love Interest)


  1. Liking for Rick
  2. Being friends with Kassie and Prudence
  3. Admiring her bare feet


  1. Her experience with bugs and bees
  2. Kassie's rivalry with Heather
  3. Rick accidentally stepping into her bare feet while dancing


  1. She is a girl from St. Ringo School
  2. Her love interest is Rick
  3. She likes to be friends with Kassie and Prudence
  4. She is 13 years old
  5. Everyone knows that she's scared of bugs
  6. She has feelings for anyone

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