Penny Ruff
First appearanceThe Doggies
Last appearance?
Created byBrett Barnett based on Penny the dog
NamePenelope Ruff
AffiliationThe Ruffs, The power of three, The Salon.
  • The doggie power.
  • power over fire
FamilyLeroy Ruff, Theodore Ruff
Doggie StoneThe Fire Stone

Penny Ruff

Penny is the eldest Ruff in the family at the moment. She is 7 years old and she is gingerish blonde. She has the strongest power, the power of fire ajnd she knows how to use it well. She was the skeptical one who didn't believe that they had powers.

Penny's History


Penny wnet ot school, finished school an she decided not to follow a certain career when her mother died. Although she is very smart and highly qualified, she became the mom of her family and looking after Theo and Leroy is a full time Job!

01: The Doggies

After they all received their powers, she refused to believe it until she realised it was real and that was when she learned how to control her power and she became a very strong witch.

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