Monsters Inc in Disney from parodies - Featuring Frollo and Esmeralda.


Frollo: But-but, sir!

Voice: Good night, sweetheart.

Penny: Night, Mom.

Quasimodo: And I pack to hear a fly.

Esmeralda: No, Quasimodo, no, no!

Jake: Get your butt back here!

She went near where the Penny was.

McLeach: Now, give us a big, loud roar.

Frollo: McLeach, there's no time for this.

McLeach: Come on. What are you waiting for? Roar!

Frollo: But, but, but, sir!

Cody: Hey, poacher-freak! We got something to tell ya!

McLeach: Roar! (shakes Cody) Roar like you can scare her!

Cody yelped in his shaken. Then Frollo sighed was no choice, and finally roared. The Penny screamed in horror, was Quasimodo exclaimed. Frollo was still roaring, among the suds. Penny screamed attack, well end up will crying Quasimodo. Frollo was done roared, and finally gets noticed. However, Quasimodo runs away will heard a Quasimodo cries in the alarm. Penny will wake up gets wrong!

McLeach: Well done, Frollo!

Frollo: Quasimodo?

Jake: I think I just crap myself.

Bianca: We didn't need to hear that.

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