Pieism need not nessecarily be in a religion. The People's Association of Pie was founded in the year 2011 by two boys from Anglo-Chinese School in Singapore. The PAP is a political party and it's mission is to help people fully embrace and appreciate pie. Its motto is 'United in pie we stand'. There are currently 21 members worldwide. If a member betrays the PAP he/she will be listed as 'Inhouroul'. In other words, the offender is banned from the PAP unless they give the PAP 10 fresh strawberry pies. The PAP's guidebook is called the 'Pieist Manifesto'. It is a complete book on everything about pieism. Unfortunately, as a political party, the PAP has competitors too. The PIA (Poop Is Awsome) was out to win the general elections. At that time, one of the PAP founders discussed a merger with the PIA. They accepted. Their merged group was called TAPP (The Awesome Pooping Pie) and they won the elections aginst the PAPCF (The People's Association for Pie Crust and Filling), founded by the other founder of the PAP who didn't merge. The TAPP then created The People's Association of Pie Department and the JIAA (Jacob Is Awesome Association). The TAPP is so popular that it even has its own (private) group on Facebook.

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