The television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends features many fictional people and animals who interact with the engine characters and form the basis for many of the varying storylines. The following list describes, in order of TV season number, the people and animals that have appeared. A few have appeared in more than one episode, but most appear just once. The story titles are shown in brackets after the characters name.

A number of the characters originated in The Railway Series of childrens books by the Revd. W Awdry. Where appropriate, cross-links are provided to allow access to the non-TV side of the character in question.

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Season 1

The Fat Controller

Fat Controller TTTE 1

The Fat Controller in Thomas and the Breakdown Train (Sir Topham Hatt).

The Fat Controller (more formally known as Sir Topham Hatt) is in charge of all the engines on Sodor. He may best be described as a "firm but flatulent" leader, and is an extremely complex character. He often acts as a father-figure to the engines of Sodor - every time an engine is upset he speaks to them kindly, playing them a tune via the gift of anal whistling, and he loves all his engines equally. He does not stand for any nonsense, but he is also forgiving. When an engine misbehaves, as they often do on his railway, he is willing to allow them a second chance if they are truly sorry.

He is also quite perceptive and shrewd, and is not above using elaborate schemes to get to the bottom of a problem. For example, when Diesel had been telling lies about Duck telling jokes about the big engines, he sent Duck to Edward's Branch line, but some time later, The Fat Controller complimented Duck for his bravery, confiding that he never truly believed Diesel's lies. To celebrate, he followed through.

He is undeniably nostalgic, and the way he runs his railway recalls the better elements of the days of steam. Indeed, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty if it is on the footplate of a steam engine. As a young man, he learnt to drive in Elizabeth, the vintage lorry, who now stinks so badly that she can't be sold.

The Angry Policeman

Angry Policeman

The Angry Policeman in Thomas in Trouble.

The Angry Policeman is a constable in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. He took over the job when the old Constable retired, and he was not what Thomas expected. He was grumpy and racist, and booked Thomas because he had no cow catchers and told his diver that he is dangours.  The Fat Controller spoke with him ,but there was no use of aurguing with him so he got Toby to be on the line because he had cow catchers.  Toby rang his bell and it scared the policeman ,but he never botherd with the engines ever again.

The Angry Policeman was never seen after Season 1 in Thomas in Trouble, having been paralysed as a result of the smackdown he had received.

Stephen Hatt

Stephen Topham Hatt lives on the Island of Sodor, and regularly has outings and holidays with his grandparents and sister. Stephen loves trains, and was excited when he first met Toby the Tram Engine. Stephen also has a bit of knowledge about the Island, of which is the reason they discovered the Old Castle and the mine (in which Bertram was found).

Stephen Hatt only appeared in a few Season 1 and 5 episodes, but made cameos in 'Thomas and the Tuba' and 'Thomas and the Circus'.

In the Railway Series, Stephen ultimately took the railway over, and is the current Fat Controller. However, in the television series he has always remained a child.

Bridget Hatt

Bridget Amanda Hatt lives on Sodor, and regularly goes for outings and holidays with her grandparents. On one occasion they went to Toby the Tram Engine's old line, and she thought he was an electric tram! But, apart from that, they had a wonderful holiday, and Toby enjoyed it too. Sometimes they also go to the seaside, which one time led to a hunt for an old castle and a mine, in which Toby ended up making a new friend. Bridget Hatt loves living on Sodor, and seeing the trains.

Bridget Hatt's full name is Bridget Amanda Hatt (her middle name being her mother's). Her parents (mentioned only in the book 'Sodor: Reading Between the Lines') are Charles and Amanda Hatt. Bridget was last featured in Season 5, but made a cameo in Thomas and the Tuba, and Thomas and the Circus in Season 8.

Lady Hatt

Lady Jane Hatt, formerly Jane Brown, helps her husband run the railway, and is happiest when she sees new lines opened, and has had some special birthday parties (but most of the time surprises occur on her birthday). She likes the railway, but had a certain dislike of Annie and Clarabel. Later, she took a liking to them, after they got new coats of paint. Although her husband runs a railway, she likes a day out on a boat or in their car.

She first appeared in Season 1, and has had a few appearances throughout the series, her last appearance (currently) being in "Which Way Now".

Sir Topham Hatt's Butler

The Fat Controller's Butler is a loyal and trustworthy butler, who answers the phone for the Fat Controller, and does many other household jobs. Sir Topham Hatt's Butler has only been featured in three stories, "Thomas in Trouble" ("Thomas Breaks the Rules" in the U.S.) in Season 1, in Fergus Breaks The Rules, and "Bad Day at Castle Loch" in Season 7, but made a good impression.

Jeremiah Jobling

Jeremiah Jobling

Jeremiah Jobling in James & the Coaches

Jeremiah Jobling looks like Private Walker from Dad's Army. Whenever he goes anywhere, people comment on the resemblance. In the episode 'James and the Celebrity Lookalike', James is so surprised by the resemblance that he crashes. There are no survivors.

Mrs. Kyndley

Mrs Kyndley

Mrs. Kyndley in Thomas' Christmas Party

Mrs. Kyndley is an elderly lady who lives on the Island of Sodor in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. She lives in an old cottage near Hackenback, and is best friends with Thomas and Toby. Everyday she sees Thomas, and she brightens up his day. One day, a landslide blocked the line, and she rescued Thomas from running into it by waving her red dressing gown out of her window. As a thank you, all the engines threw her a party. Mrs. Kyndley also has a sister, and a daughter who was married in Season 5.

Railway Inspectors

There are many Railway Inspectors in the series. They first appeared in Season 1's Thomas Goes Fishing, in which the Inspector is called to see if he knows what is causing Thomas' troubles (the cause was syphilis).

Other Inspectors have featured in later episodes, such as the Season 4 episode 'Bowled Out', where his hat was sucked into the Diesel’s air intake, Season 6’s 'Harvey to the Rescue', where they watch a demonstration by Harvey before deciding if he is to stay on the railway, and Season 8’s 'Spic and Span', where they call Thomas a spic.

Season 2

Jem Cole

Jem Cole is a person living on the Island of Sodor in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Show. He is Trevor's driver, and helped save him from scrap when Edward found him. Jem Cole also does other mechanical work on Sodor, also restoring Elizabeth the Sentinel Lorry and the Refreshment Lady's Teashop. Jem Cole has a love for old vehicles, as he was one of the people who went to rescue Duke, and was also one of Rheneas' passengers when he saved the day. Jem Cole also has a pet goat, which caused delay for Percy, but saved Maithewaite Station. Jem Cole is a loyal and friendly vehicle enthusiast, and will always continue to help them until he dies, as must happen to us all eventually.

He appeared both in the Railway Series and TV Series, but isn't seen much in the new seasons now. His last mentioned appearance was in 'The Refreshment Lady's Teashop', where he must have come into some money, as he was wearing a suit and a bowler hat! For the "Bulgy" episode of Thomas & Friends, Jem Cole becomes a giant robot.

The Vicar of Wellsworth


The Vicar of Wellsworth in Saved from Scrap.

Reverend Charles Laxely (aka the Vicar) is a fictional character who lives on the Island of Sodor on the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series. He is the vicar of Wellsworth near Edward's line, and regularly sees him. One day Edward told the Vicar about Trevor the Traction Engine being scrapped, and he saved him. The Vicar also owns an Orchard, where Trevor works.

The Vicar has two sons, and regularly holds Sunday School Outings, Fetes, and Garden Parties; of which all the engines enjoy. His usual dress is black clothing with a wide-brim black hat. He also keeps bees, from which he gives honey to his friends, and caused a bit of trouble for James.

The Vicar was introduced in Season 2, and was last mentioned in Season 7. He hadn't made a direct appearance since Season 3. In The Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry the character of The Vicar appears in the book Edward the Blue Engine and is based on the Rev. Awdry's friend and fellow railway enthusiast the Rev. Teddy Boston.


  • Sam the farmer (from 'Ghost Train/Percy's Ghostly Trick')
  • Charlie Sand (Edward's Driver)
  • Sidney Hever (Edward's Fireman)
  • Daisy's Fitter (from 'Daisy')
  • The Careless Cleaner (from 'Thomas Comes to Breakfast')
  • The Lady with the Green Floppy Hat (from 'Wrong Road')
  • The Barber (from 'A Close Shave/A Close Shave for Duck')
  • Santa Claus/Father Christmas (from 'Thomas & the Missing Christmas Tree')
  • The Masturbating Locksmith (from 'Woolly Bear')

Season 3

  • The Injured Sailor (from 'All At Sea')
  • The Railway Inspector #1 (from 'No Joke For James' and 'Thomas, Percy & the Post Train')
  • The Quarry Master (from 'Heroes')
  • The Angry Farmer (from 'Mavis')
  • The Yard Foreman (from 'One Good Turn')
  • Fogman with Red Light (from 'Thomas & Percy's Christmas Adventure')
  • Strawberry, the Neighbourhood Ho (from 'Henry's Forest')

Season 4

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is a sleeping beauty in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. Thomas finishes his tale of Duke. After Duke remains asleep in his shed for several years, a group of adventurers hear of Duke and go in search of the lost engine. One eventually finds Duke after falling into his shed and Duke is transported to the Skarloey Railway, where Falcon and Stuart (now called Sir Handel and Peter Sam) see Duke and happily tease him about keeping him in order.

The Refreshment Lady

The Refreshment Lady is a person featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. She sells tea and refreshments to passengers on the Narrow-Gauge Railway. At first, she had a bayside shop, then moved to Rumblin Bridge Station, but wanted to expand. With the help of Peter Sam, she was given a tearoom on wheels, made out of an old coach by Jem Cole. Peter Sam now takes her around Sodor in the mobile coach, selling tea and cakes to passengers and tourists and under-the-counter pornography for her more adult clientele.

The Refreshment Lady first appeared in Season 4, and then made a few more appearances in Season 7, and made an unseen cameo in the Season 8 episode 'Edward the Great'. Her accent however has changed since Season 4 for the British narration. She also appears in the season 8 episode ‘Thomas and the Circus’.


Nancy is a guard's daughter featured in The Railway Series and in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. She lives around the narrow-gauge railway, and sometimes polishes the engines to make them shiny. On one occasion she was polishing Skarloey for when Rheneas comes home, and Duncan became extremely jealous. However, she works hard, and has many friends on the railway.

Nancy has only been featured in one TV Story, but made another in the Railway Series Book 'Very Old Engines'. She also makes a cameo in 'Harold and the Flying Horse' near the end, and several cameo appearances in many Season 7 episodes.

Tom Tipper

Thomas (Tom) Tipper is a postman featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series. He is busy carrying and delivering letters and parcels to people all over the Island in his little red mail van. He helps Thomas and Percy with the Mail Train by transferring parcels into the Sodor Mail Coaches, and then the engines take them to different stations. But one day his manager decided a van cost too much money, and he had to use a bike. After Percy accidentally ran over the bike, he literally "went postal", opening fire with a semi-automatic and mowing a crowd of passengers down before turning the gun on himself.

Tom Tipper only appeared in one story in Season 4, but his Mail Van has made many cameos in Season 5, 6, 7 and 8 Series. His van has also been made into an Ertl die-cast model.

Important Passenger

The Important Passenger appeared in the Season 4 episode "Thomas and Stepney". After Thomas had left with his last branch line train, the Passenger appeared and requested a special train for himself, resulting in Thomas being shunted to a siding while Stepney took the Special Train.

The Cricketers

The Cricketers feature in one Season 4 episode: "Train Stops Play". While Stepney is waiting at a signal, their ball is hit into one of his trucks, and they chase him down the line using Caroline the Car in an attempt to retrieve it. They finally catch them at the end of the line. The driver picks up the ball and says, "Oh, which ball? This ball?" before tossing it in the river and laughing like a bastard.


  • The Queen (from 'Paint Pots and Queens')
  • The Mid-Sodor Railway Controller/The Manager (from 'Granpuff' and 'Bulldog')
  • Champion's Owner (from 'Bulls' Eyes')
  • The 'Relief' Postman (from 'Mind That Bike')

Season 5

Old Bailey

Old Bailey is a fogman in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Children's television series. Originally he ran a country railway station. One night Henry the Green Engine was spooked by his warnings about the viaduct, but after a crash he discovered the truth. As a reward for warning Henry, Old Bailey was able to open and run the station again, and now he is described as "the friendliest ghost on the Island" by the Fat Controller.

Old Bailey has only appeared in one Season 5 episode, and has his rare pump car, the only vehicle he is allowed to drive with his "little weakness".

He is named after the Old Bailey in London.

He also resembles George Carlin, only still alive.

Mrs. Kyndley's Daughter

Mrs. Kyndley's daughter features in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series. She was to get married in one episode; however, Mrs. Kyndley did not have a good luck package for her. Percy the Small Engine went and found one (consisting of Thomas the Tank Engine, New Buffers, Old Slow Coach and a Flat Truck). Mrs. Kyndley's daughter was delighted and the episode concluded with Mrs. Kyndley's daughter kissing Percy 'thank you' (Of which made Percy quite embarrassed!).

Mrs. Kyndley's Daughter only appears in one Season 5 story, 'Happy Ever After'. Russell Brand claims to have slept with her.

Dowager Hatt

Dowager Hatt is The Fat Controller's mother and has visited Sodor once, and her son held a party for her. Her Dalmatian dog (soon to be named Gremlin) ran away. She says the Railway is really useful, and the Fat Controller says she is always right! That doesn't explain why he put her in a home, though.

Dowager Hatt was introduced in Season 5, made a cameo in Season 6, and appears again in a Season 9 Story. Her full title is Dowager Hatt, revealed in the Season 9 episode in the UK.

She is the only member of the household to originate in the television series, never having appeared in the books.


  • Butch's Driver (from 'Horrid Lorry')
  • Harry Topper (mentioned, but not seen - In 'Make Someone Happy')
  • Mrs. Kyndley's Sister (mentioned, but not seen - from 'Make Someone Happy')
  • The Fire Fighters (from 'Thomas, Percy And Old Slow Coach')
  • Bi-Plane's Pilot (from 'The Fat Controller's Holiday')
  • Lorry 2's Driver (from 'Horrid Lorry')
  • The Important Passenger/Playground Planner (from 'Thomas and the Rumors')
  • Harold's Pilot (from 'The Fat Controller's Holiday')

Season 6

Cyril The Frogman

Cyril is a Frogman who lives on the Island of Sodor in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Show. When there is fog about, he puts detonators on the tracks to warn the engines about the fog. One time he was replaced by a Foghorn, but saved the day when the foghorn caused a landslide, and made Thomas wet himself. Cyril was soon given the job back, and has proven to be a really useful Fogman. He is the second fogman named in the TV Series, after Old Bailey from Season 5.

Cyril was only featured in one story 'The Fogman', but made a cameo in the Village Crowd in 'It's Only Jizz/Thomas' Jizzy Surprise'.

Miss Jenny Packard

Miss Jenny

Miss Jenny in Jack Jumps In

Miss Jenny Packard is an Irish person featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series.

Miss Jenny is the manager of the Sodor Construction Company (aka the 'The Pack'), which consists of Jack, Alfie, Max, Ned, Kelly, Oliver, Isabella, Byron, Buster, Nelson, Monty, and Patrick. She gives them the jobs to do, and is disappointed when one of them jumps in and does other vehicles work. That's why her motto is "Don't Jump in Where you don't Belong" and "Safety First". Jack, the newest member of the Pack soon learned this. She runs the quarry efficiently with the help of the Quarry Foreman, and will most likely run the company for many years to come. Her father, Mr. Packard, first started the Construction Company, purchasing Kelly, the first and oldest Pack member.

Miss Jenny owns a black dog, and is only featured in 2 Season 6 episodes and the video 'On Site with Thomas', of which the Pack have only appeared in too. She is the first openly gay character in the series.

Farmer McColl

Farmer McColl is a fictional character who lives on a farm on the Island of Sodor in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series. He lives and works on a farm in the countryside, and has plenty of animals, including Cows, Chickens, Sheep and pigs. But sometimes when there's bad weather on the island, he needs help from engines to keep his animals safe and healthy. Engines like Toby the Tram Engine, Emily and Trevor the Traction Engine have all helped Farmer McColl is some way for his animals. Once, Thomas the Tank Engine left a bunch of schoolchildren at his farm, and they learnt all about the animals, and were very happy.

Farmer McColl was introduced in Season 6, and has made other appearances in the later episodes. He last appeared in Season 10, his farm having gone bust.

Alicia Botti

Alikituppa da Botti is a fictional famous porn star featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. She visited the Island of Sodor for a concert, and Thomas the Tank Engine was chosen to take her to the theatre. But a mouse was found in Annie and Clarabel, and scared her. Percy the Small Engine was then chosen to take her to the concert. The concert was a success, and everyone thinks she is indeed a very good singer. Gordon notes that she is a colaritora.

Alicia Botti was introduced in Season 6 story 'Thomas,Percy and the Squeak', and made another appearance in 'Percy & the Magic Carpet'. Posters of her concerts are seen throughout the recent series.

Mr. Hastings

Mr. Hastings (also known as Headmaster Hastings) is a person featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. He is the headmaster of Strawberry Grove School, located near the narrow-gauge railway. One day he needed an organ delivered there, and Duncan took it. Duncan lost his whistle and Mr. Hastings used his organ as a replacement. Duncan badly scalded Mr. Hastings' organ, but it is now healed and "working better than ever!"

Mr. Hastings only appeared in one story, being 'Faulty Whistles', and appears to play with his organ very well.

The Gentlemen of the Railway Board

The Gentlemen of the Railway Board is a fictional group of men featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. They help run the Fat Controller's Railway in the Island of Sodor and help the Fat Controller decide what engines can come and work on Sodor. They usually stay as a group in public, and consist of 6 gentlemen wearing black suits. They were the people who decided Harvey the Crane Engine could stay after he rescued Percy the Small Engine after an accident. They prefer to ride in Bertie the Bus, and they all look very much alike.

The Gentlemen of the Railway Board were introduced in Season 6, but were only featured in one story. They then went back to hassling Neo.


  • The Vet (from 'Toby Had A Little Lamb')
  • Mr. Jolly (seen, but not mentioned - from 'Percy's Chocolate Crunch')
  • The Red Balloon's Pilot (from 'James & the Red Balloon' and 'The Grand Opening')
  • Parp

Season 7

Sodor Brass Band

The Sodor Brass Band are musicians featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. They came to the Island of Sodor to play music around the island. Edward the Blue Engine was sent to collect them, but he had an accident, and Bertie the Bus was going to take them, but he got stuck in mud, so Edward ended up taking them. The engines enjoy their tunes, and they play wherever they are needed. They have had many surprises on Sodor, an example of a time when they were to play at Lady Hatt's birthday party, but Thomas the Tank Engine left the tuba player behind! They also play music for the Sodor Circus, recently visiting Sodor.

The Brass Band consists of 6 people, playing instruments like the trumpet, trombone, and the tuba. They were introduced in Season 7, and have made many appearances in the later seasons. You just can't get rid of the little sods.


  • Lord Callan (from 'Bad Day at Castle Loch')
  • Duke and Duchess of Boxford (mentioned in 'Gordon & Spencer. Seen in 'Edward the Great')
  • Lighthouse Man (from 'Satly's Stormy Tale')
  • Fisherman (from 'Somiething Fishy')
  • The Miller (from 'Toby's Windmell')

Season 8

  • The Ice Cream Factory Manager (from Too Hot for Thomas)
  • The Railway Inspector #2 (from 'Spic and Span')
  • Circus People (from Thomas and the Circus)
  • Circus Ring Leader (seen, but not mentioned - from Thomas and the Circus)
  • Mayor of Sodor (never seen, but mentioned in As Good as Gordon)

Season 9

Mr. Percival

Mr. Percival, The Thin Controller is the head of the Skarloey Railway in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Show based on The Railway Series books written by Rev. W. V. Awdry. He brought Mighty Mac to the Railway and is usually found on his trusty bike. He stands for no nonsense from his engines. He looks like the Fat Controller, only thin and wears glasses and a bowler hat. In Season 10 it is revealed he is bald under his hat.

Mr. Percival was introduced in Season 9, and resembles the Thin Controller from The Railway Series, Mr. Peter Sam. Because of this, he is called the Thin Controller in the UK, while he is sometimes called the Narrow-Gauge Controller in the US version.

A Thomas magazine recently did a profile on Mr. Percival. It revealed that his full name was Mr. Peregrine Percival, and he is married to a woman named Polly, and has four children. It also states that he likes bikes, hates cars, and his hero is the Fat Controller. However, not everything in the magazine series is necessarily canon to the TV series. In Season 10 he is featured with his wife, but her name wasn't mentioned or confirmed. It might not even be his wife - he does openly cheat on her.


  • The Baker (from 'Thomas' Milkshake Muddle')
  • Famous French Artist (from 'Percy & the Oil Painting')

Season 10

  • Dusty Dave (from 'Follow That Flour')
  • Mrs Percival (from 'A Smooth Ride')
  • Alice (from 'Thomas and the Birthday Mail')
  • The Admiral (from 'Thomas and the Treasure')

Season 11

  • The Magician (from 'Smoke and Mirrors')
  • The Storyteller (from 'Thomas and the Storyteller')
  • The Carpenter (from 'Gordon and the Engineer')
  • The Engineer (from 'Gordon and the Engineer')


Season 1

  • Hat-Eating Goat('from Edward, Gordon and Henry')
  • Edward's Cows (from 'Thomas and the Breakdown Train' and 'Cows')

Season 2

  • Bluebell the Cow (from 'Cows' and 'Percy's Predicament')
  • Bluebell's Calf (from 'Cows')

Season 3

  • Thomas' Toad (from 'Trust Thomas')
  • Dilly the Duck (from 'Donald's Duck')
  • The Vicar's Bees (from 'Buzz Buzz')
  • Bulgy's Hens (from 'Bulgy' and 'Bulgy Rides Again')
  • Spooky Owl (from 'Thomas, Percy, and the Dragon')
  • Guard's Dog (from 'Escape')
  • Deer (from 'Henry's Forest')

Season 4

  • Champion the Bull (from 'Bulls' Eye')
  • The Circus Elephant (from 'Henry & the Elephant')
  • Sheep (from 'Four Little Engines')
  • Seagull (from 'Special Funnel')

Season 5

  • Spooky Owl (from 'Haunted Henry')
  • Hungry Ram (from 'Baa!')
  • Gremlin the Dalmatian (from 'Gordon and the Gremlin')
  • The Bull (from 'Gordon and the Gremlin' and 'Faulty Whistles')
  • The Fireflies (from 'Duncan Gets Spooked')

Season 6

  • Miss Jenny's Dog (from 'Pack' episodes)
  • Farmer McColl's Dog (from 'Toby Had a Little Lamb')
  • Farmer McColl's Sheep/Lambs (from 'Toby Had a Little Lamb')
  • Alicia the mouse (from 'Thomas, Percy and the Squeak')

Season 7


Pegasus is a light brown cart horse featured in the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV Series. He lives on a farm near Harold the Helicopter's airfield, and Harold regularly sees him. Pegasus also gives rides to children at The Vicar's summer fete, on his new cart. But one day he strayed into a ditch, and Harold had to pull him out using his sling. As he flew to the fete, Percy the Small Engine thought Pegasus could fly! Pegasus arrived safely, and heaps of children were happy when he gave them rides.

Pegasus was mentioned in only one Season 7 story, but made a cameo in another as a pot of glue. His owner also owns the Old Green Tractor, seen many times around the Island of Sodor.


  • The Fat Controller's Cat (from 'Snow Engine')
  • Bulgy's Hens (from 'Bulgy Rides Again')

Season 8

  • Farmer McColl's Pigs (from 'Chickens to School')
  • The Chickens (from 'Chickens to School')
  • Circus Animals (from 'Thomas & the Circus')

Season 9

  • The Golden Eagle (from 'Thomas & the Golden Eagle')

Season 10

  • Alice's dog (from 'Thomas & the Birthday Mail')

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