Welcome to People's Peace, testing ground for a Wiki which will provide space for Israeli's and Palestinians to plan their own peace plan. The idea for the site is that IT IS NOT A MESSAGE BOARD for people to sling insults and accusations across, but is a place for constructive arguement.

I have posted links to previous peace plans:

Oslo Accords [1] Camp David [2] The Road Map [3] The Saudi Initiative [4] The geneva Initiative [5]

All these initiatives have common ground they all envisage two states for two people. So far they have all fallen flat. Maybe the two state solution is not the right one, maybe a new paradigm is required or maybe not. I hope this space can be used to explore all possible options for peace.

Israelis and Palestinians often claim that they are hostage to the extremists on their own and the other side. Well let see .... use this Wiki to put down your ideas, I want to see what happens, and depending on the response I will find people - aggreeable to the community who are using the Wiki - to organise the data and formulate proposals.

At the end of this process who knows - the people may have succeeded where the politicians failed.

Good Luck


Reference Maps [6]

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