Peppa Pig as Thomas

George Pig as Edward

Jase Pig (a fanon character) as James

Selmo Pig (a Fanon character) as Duck

Tobias Pig (a Fanon character) as Murdoch

Mummy Pig as Emily

Daddy Pig as Gordon

Chloe Pig as Harold

Mr. Dinosaur as Harvey

Teddy as Arthur

Suzy Sheep as Bill

Pedro Pony as Toby

Patty Pony (a fanon character) as Skarloey

Danny Dog as Gator

Emily Elephant as Molly

Edmond Elephant as Connor

Simon Squirrel as Mavis

Belinda Bear as Bertie

Candy Cat as Daisy

Percy Toucan (a Fanon character) as Percy

Mrs. Toucan (a Fanon character) as Emma (from the Railway Series)

Po Pengine (a Fanon character) as Hank

Lady Penguin (a Fanon character) as Lady

Rebecca Rabbit as Rosie

Richard Rabbit as Henry

Mummy Rabbit as Belle

Miss. Rabbit as Flora

Madame Gazelle as Marion

Mr. Bull as Cranky

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