WARNING: The Following Program Is Rated CFFA.  (Cartoons For Fucking Adults) Not For Kids. (18+) 
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(Peppa Pig Opening Plays)

Peppa Pig: I'm Peppa Pig! (Snorts) This Is My Little Brother, George.

George Pig: (Snorts Twice)

Peppa Pig: This Is Mummy Pig.

Mummy Pig: (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: And This Is Daddy Pig!

Daddy Pig: (Loud Snorts)

4 Pigs: (Laughs)

Peppa Pig: Oh, And Also This Is Jason!

(Jason Has A Chainsaw)

4 Pigs: AAAAHHH!!!!

Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig. (Snorts)

Peppa Pig: (Reading A Title Card) Peppa Seeks Help.

Narrator: What A Wonderful Day For Peppa's House But It Was Horrible Going On.


Peppa Pig: George, Are You Okay?

George Pig: GET OFF!! You.. Are... A MONSTER!!!' How Can You Say!? Those Horrible Things... TO ME-E-E-E-E!!! AAAAAAAAA.....



(Peppa Pig Has A R.I.P. Sign On His Face)

George Pig: Fuck Off! Ohh. You son of a bitch! Oh you bastard! (Crying)

Peppa Pig: I'm Sorry, George!

George Pig: You Bastard!

Peppa Pig: It's Too Worried To Be Here Someday! And This Time... I'm A FAGGOT!! I don't know why i do these things to you! I'm just a pig!

George Pig: (Crying)

Peppa Pig: Pleeeeease, Forgive Me!!!

George Pig: DON'T YOU TOUCH ME, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!! You BEASTForgive me! Words Empty Words! That's All They Are! No, Not THIS!! And This Time, You've Gone Too Far This Time, Peppa Pork!





(Peppa Pig Feels Sad)

Peppa Pig: I Know How To Save George! I Know I Can Be A Violent Oxygens! But This Time, I'm Gonna Have To Do Something About It.

George Pig: (Crying)

Peppa Pig: And I'm Seeking With Help! (Talks To George, And Got Rivers Of Tears) I'll DO It For YOU!

George Pig: (Sees The Weird Face) Don't Do It For Me. DON'T DO IT FOR ME! (Scary Voice) DO IT... FOR YOURSELF!!!! .... AAAAAAAAA.....




I'm Gonna Kill You! (Crying)

(Peppa Pig Walks Away, Peppa Pig Is Leaving The House)

George Pig: (Wailing) AAAAAAAAA.....



(Peppa Pig Is Sniffing)


(George Pig Is Crying And Screaming Loudly To Destroy The Windows On Peppa's House)

George Pig: (Crying)

(Peppa Pig Is Sad And Lonely And Walk In 5 Minutes)

(Peppa Pig Goes To The Help Office And Sit Down With Dr. White Horse)

Dr. White Horse: Hello There!

Peppa Pig: Hello.

Dr. White Horse: Who Are You?

Peppa Pig: (Sniffs Twice) I'm Having A Terrible Person, Doctor... I Need To Help Everybody! And I've Got Something To Say..... I GOT ISSUES!!! (Gets Angry) AND I AM NOT CRAZY OR ANYTHING, DO WE?!?

Dr. White Horse: Of Course Not, Peppa Pig. Time To Calm Down Now. You Just Stay Calm Now. Just Relax And Let's See What's Going On, Shall We?

Peppa Pig: Okay, Doctor! (Snorts) Who Is Your Childhood, Doctor?

Dr. White Horse: If You Must.

Peppa Pig: Of The Lost Memory.... A Long Time Ago.... It Was Dark.... (Fades To Black, Fades Peppa Pig Face In Black Background) And Stinky..... (Offscreen) It's The Circle Of Life. And Beyond The Light, And What's Happening.... IT WAS A HORRIBLE MAN!!! (Naked Baby Peppa Pulls Off) He Spanks His Hand!

(Nurse Spanks Baby Peppa's Butt)

Peppa Pig: (Offscreen) He Hits Me. And Despicable PAIN!! And He Dumped Me. He Is A Burning The Paint On Him And He Cries A Lot! I Told Ya, I'll Never Get This Pain Again! And Did I Feel The Pain And He Cries.

Caterpillar: OW! It Hurts! OOOWWW!!! YOOW!!! MAKE IT STOP, PLEEEEEASE!!!!! HEEEELP!!!

Peppa Pig: All The Beautiful Day For Murderer In Stuff. I Can Use For The Unusual Childhood. One Day, I've Got Caterpillar's Dick! It Was A Blood In My Ears.

Caterpillar: You're Not Gonna Lick Me With That Thing, Are You? Holy Crap, He Is. Here It Comes! OH MY JESUS!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, OH, OH!!! (Pant, Pant, Pant, Pant) As God As My Withness! I Swear, I Will Never Suck Ear Again! (Faints)

Peppa Pig: (Offscreen) This Is My Favorite Time About Christmas. This Is My Favorite Holiday Of The Year. And It's On December 25th. And There's A Fire Cracker Over There At The Ant.


Peppa Pig: (Offscreen) And Then... I'm All Grown Up. But One Day, I Congratulate On My Birthday. And It's A Frog! How Happy There Was! I Got The Very Slimey Green Froggy. He's So Very Soft.... Tender And Squeezing... And So Close To The Surface All By Themselves. My Frog Is An Entertainment Event Of The Rocket Of Spectacular Proformance. And The Frogs Don't Like Tires. He Hurts Someone Elses Wants.

(The Frog Is Shocked And Electricity And Bonks On The Floor, The Frog Is Running Away But That's Not Fast Enough, The Frog Bonks At The Pole And Falls Down On The Floor, Frog Smiles And Burns On Fire)

Frog: WHYYYYYYYY?!?!?!? (Faints)

Peppa Pig: (Offscreen) Finally, I Can't Even Stands No More. No More That It Is Time! IT IS TIME TO THE FINAL BLOW!!!!

Frog: Well, What Are We Waiting For?!? DO IT!! COME ON! I DARE YA!! FINISHED THE JOB, YOU PUSSY!!

Peppa Pig: Wait A Minute, Froggy. (Snorts) You Want Me To Kill You?

Frog: YEEEES!!!!!

Peppa Pig: But Why?

Frog: I Feeling Like Pain!! Have A Nice Shuffled Enough?!

Peppa Pig: Hmmm.... No. Hey, Look! There's Suzy Sheep! Give Me A Cigar!

Suzy Sheep: Sure Thing, Peppa!

(Peppa Pig Is Smoking With Cigar)

Peppa Pig: Hey, Suzy, Have You Go To School Today? (Giggles)

Peppa Pig: And I Decided Not To Finished It Off. Not Finished... And Shuffling Is So Much About Me. So Much!

Dr. White Horse: And... How Did You Sleep At Night, Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig: Hmmm... Oh! Great Idea, Doctor! Thank You.

(Dr. White Horse Is Putting The Gun In The Table, And Peppa Pig Is Sleeping In The Bedroom)

(Peppa Pig Heard The Knocking Sound)


(Peppa Pig Sees The Frog And Close The Windowshade)

Frog: Hey, What Are You Doing?! For The LOVE Of Jesus! You Are Pissing Me Off!! YOU BASTARD!!

(Peppa Pig Sees Daddy Pig)

Mummy Pig: (Sobbing)

Daddy Pig: Peppa, Did You Kill This Poor Little Froggy?

Peppa Pig: No, Daddy.

Mummy Pig: (Sobbing)

Daddy Pig: Look At Me! LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!!! Is That Your Work?

Peppa Pig: Yes, Daddy. (Raspberries At The Frog)

(Daddy Pig Slaps Peppa Pig's Face)

Mummy Pig: (Crying)

Daddy Pig: Look What You've Done To Poor Mother!

Mummy Pig: (Crying)

Frog: Ribbit! (Frog Smiles And Frog's Tooth Falls Down On The Floor, Frog Waves His Hand At Mummy Pig)

Mummy Pig: (Vomits, Paused To Look At The Froggy, And Continue Vomiting)

Daddy Pig: Peppa, I Think That Frog Is Wrong. But This Is For Work. And There Is Only One Thing Left To Do... You Have To Finished Them Off.

(Frog Shakes His Head Up And Down Means Yes)

Daddy Pig: It's A Human Way. Here, Use My Gun!

Peppa Pig: Thanks, Daddy!


(Mummy Pig Bonks The Gun At Daddy Pig)

Mummy Pig: Here, Use This Chainsaw.

Peppa Pig: Thanks, Mummy! (Snorts)

Mummy Pig: (Sobbing) Oh, My Baby!

(Daddy Pig Slaps Mummy Pig's Face)

Daddy Pig: Not A Baby, You Asshole! There Are Lots Of Man.

(Peppa Tries To Kill The Frog At The Chainsaw)

Daddy Pig: No One Can Kills The Shit Of Your Frog, Mummy.

Mummy Pig: (Sobbing)

(Mummy Pig And Daddy Pig Is Kissing)

(Peppa Did Not Tries To Kill The Frog At The Chainsaw, Peppa Pig Is Almost Taking The Froggy To The Trash)

Frog: You Are Not Gonna Kill Me?

Peppa Pig: Well, Is It Hurt?


Peppa Pig: Have A Wonderful Life!

(Peppa Is Taking Froggy To The Trash, And Walks Away)

Peppa Pig: And That Was The Last Time I've Ever Heard That Before. And Then... It's A Bit Fuzzy. And Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasn't Very Fuzzy, Was He? But Soon It Came From... Property. And I Lost George. What A Beautiful Day. I Remember The First Time I Slapped George. And I'm Not Even Felted. So We Hit It Harder.... And HARDER.... AND YOU NEVER GO DOWN.... (Needle Scratches)

(Dr. White Horse Sees Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig Is Bashful, Peppa Pig Is Lying Down Patiently)

Dr. White Horse: Is It... George Pig? Do You Love Him?

Peppa Pig: NO! That Was Speaking Of LOAF!!! I Know Were...... It's Not Like That. It's My Friend. What's The Friend?

Dr. White Horse: Hmmm... Very Interesting. So Tell Me More About George Pig.

(Peppa Pig Feels Frightened)

Peppa Pig: Well... I Have George Embarrassing Me... Today, I Did Something... (Gasps) All Horrible.... EVEN FOR ME!!!

Dr. White Horse: What Would You Do, Mrs. Pork?

Peppa Pig: I Don't Wanna Talk About It.

Dr. White Horse: Come On, Mrs. Pork, It's Time To Dig A Hole. Dig It Out For Me. What Should You Do To George?

Peppa Pig: Well... Okay. (Whispers) And Then... (Whispers) And Then I.... (Whispers Devil Voice As Blubbering) AND FINALLY I... (Whispers In Scary Voice) (Sighs)

(Man Gives A Carrot To Dr. White Horse, Dr. White Horse Is Eating A Carrot)

Man: Easy, Man. Easy.

Peppa Pig: Well, Doctor... I Feel Much Better Now. (Snorts) Now To Get Off Of My Chest. So Tell Me, What Do You Think Is Wrong With Me?

Dr. White House: So, uh... you wanna know what's wrong with you? ... You really wanna know what's wrong? ... I'll tell you what's wrong with you. [beat, punches Peppa in the face] YOU'RE FUCKING CRAZY!! 'THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!

Peppa Pig: Crazy!?

Dr. White Horse: That's right! You need to be locked up, away from decent, NORMAL people! What kind of a lunatic are you!? You just walk up to strangers on the street and tell 'em, "Hey, Mister. You wanna hear some sick stories of my twisted youth"!!??

Peppa Pig: [aghast] I don't understand! I came to you for help! I bared my soul to you! I told you all my darkest secrets! And now you tell me I'm crazy!? WHAT KIND OF A PSYCHOLOGIST ARE YOU!?

Dr. White Horse: PSYCHOLOGIST?! Are you nuts?! I'm a horse!! You crazy son of a bitch! I'M GONNA BEAT THE LIVING HELL OUTTA YOU!

(Dr. White Horse Punches Peppa Pig Several Times)

Peppa Pig: AHH!!

(Peppa Pig Looks A Both Ways And Shocking)

(Peppa Pig Bonks A Phone At Dr. White Horse)

(Peppa Pig Scratches Rages And Squealing At Dr. White Horse)

(Dr. White Horse Tries To Get The Gun And Drop It On The Floor)

(Peppa Pig Slams A Gun At Dr. White Horse 5 Times, Peppa Pig Is Staring At The Camera, Peppa Pig Continues Slamming A Gun At Dr. White Horse 12 Times, He Paused And Slams A Gun At Dr. White Horse At Once)

Peppa Pig: (Pant, Pant, Pant, Pant, Pant, Pant, Pant)

(The Pet Catcher Comes In, Peppa Pig Staring Slowly At The Pet Catcher)

Peppa Pig: (Creepy Voice, Growls, Roars)

(Peppa Pig Has A Sharpen Nail At The Finger)

(Peppa Pig Bites A Hand At The Pet Catcher)


Peppa Pig: (Blubbers Crazily)

(Peppa Pig Swallows Slowly And Licked His Face)

Peppa Pig: (Pant, Pant, Pant) (HISSSS!!!!!!)

(The Pet Catcher Got Peppa Pig)

Peppa Pig: (Blubbers Crazily)

(Dr. White Horse Is Covered With Blood)

(The Pet Catcher Is Taking Peppa Pig To The Animal Truck)

Peppa Pig: (Blubbers Crazily)

(The Animal Truck Drives Off)

(The Frog Sees Dr. White Horse Dead)

(Frog Is Crawling Slowly In 32 Seconds As Possible, The Frog Is Having A Suicide, And Put The Bang Sign On The Frog's Mouth And Frog Has A Tears Of Joy)

"That's It, Folks!"

(Creepy Ending Credits, After The End Of Credits, He Heard The Evil Laugh)

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