George And Richard In The Dinosaur Land

Richard: Dine-saw! George: Dine-saw!

Narrator: George And Richard Is In The Dinosaur Land.

Richard: Grrr!

Peppa: I'm Leaving! It's Too Noisy!

George: Grrr!

George's Dinosaur Sale

Peppa: I Will Give You Something Else. (Snorts) I Will Give You... Mr.Dinosaur.

George: (Crying And Wailing)

Narrator: Oh Dear! George's Dinosaur Is My Favorite Toy!

Mummy Pig: You Can't Sale In With Mr. Dinosaur.

Peppa: Can't I?

Daddy Pig And Mummy Pig: NO!

Mr. Potato's Fruits And Vegetables

Mr. Potato: Together, We Can Exercise With Fruits And Vegetables.

Peppa: What Fruits And Vegetables Did You Like, Mr. Potato?

Mr. Potato: Apples, Oranges, Carrots, Tomatoes...

Peppa: Potatoes?

Mr. Potato: Um...

Hide And Seek With George


(George Is Looking At The Toy Basket)

Peppa: Wheeeee!!! (Raspberries, Snorts)

Peppa And George: (Laughs)

Narrator: George Found A Peppa Is Hiding.

Rebecca Rabbit's Jump Rope Contest

Rebecca: One, Two, Three,

Peppa:(Stop, And Feeling Sad)

Rebecca: Four, Five, Six, Seven,

Suzy:(Stop, And Feeling Sad)

Rebecca: Eight, Nine, TEN! Zoe Wins!

Shop Keeper

Narrator: Shop Keeper Is The First Customer. Danny: Hello, Shop Keeper!

Peppa: Hello, Danny Dog!

Danny: Can I Have Some Biscuits, Please?

Peppa: Suzy, Have You Brought Any Biscuits?

Suzy: No! But She Brought The Toy Telephone.

(Peppa Drops A Toy Telephone)

Bubbles Pop

Peppa: I Love Bubbles! (Snorts, Giggles)

(Bubbles Popping)

George: (Snorts)

The Kite Is Windy And Flying

Peppa: It's Getting Windy!

Narrator: Now That Is Windy, The Kites Can Fly!

George: (Laughs)

Narrator: George Is Always Flying A Kite.

Turtle Is So Slow

Suzy: Why Is So Slow?

Zoe: It Must Be The Houses From It's Back.

Petro: Um.. Doctor Hamster? I Think The Turtles Is Escaping!

Bath Splashing

(George Is Splashing)


(Both Splashing)

Peppa And George: (Laughs)

Miss Rabbit's Train Song

All Singing: Clickety Clack, Clickety Clack, The Train Sets On The Track,

Huff And Puff, Huff And Puff, The Train Sets On The Track.

(Train Hoots Twice)

Chloe Is Starting To Catch

Narrator: She Is Chasing Chloe And George.

Chlos: Try To Catch Me! (Giggles)

Peppa: George, I'm Trying To Easily Race You. You So Little.

Chloe And George: (Laughs)

Peppa: (Snorts) That's Not Fair!

Suzy Is A Secret Club

Peppa: Hello, Suzy!

Suzy:(Whispers) Hello, Peppa.

Peppa: Why Do You Have A Mask On Your Face?

Suzy: (Whispers) People Don't Know It's Me. I'm In A Secret Camp.

Peppa: Ooh!

Polly Parrot Is Oinking

Peppa: I'm A Noisy Parrot! (Snorts)

Polly Parrot: I'm A Noisy Parrot! (Snorts)

Polly Parrot, George And Peppa: (Laughs)

Peppa Has To Recycling

Narrator: Peppa Is A Glass.

(Peppa Twice As Sounds Like A Glass)

Narrator: Mummy Pig Is A Plastic.

(Mummy Pig Twice As Sounds Like A Plastic)

Narrator: And George Is A Newspapers.

(George Twice As Sounds Like A Newspapers)


Everybody: (Laughs)

(Rocket Zooming)

Mr. Bull Tell Us A Way

Madame Gazelle: Well, Mr. Bull, Which Way Is A Children's Wall?

Mr. Bull: Down The Steps, Double Floors, Right, Left, Right, To The Corner, Up The Stairs, Knees And Your Left.

Madame Gazelle: Wha?

Daddy Pig Loves To Plays On The Drum

Daddy Pig: (Beating A Drum)

Peppa: Daddy, You Can Play On The Drum!

Daddy Pig: I Have A Bit Of The Expert Of Druming!

Peppa Is Fantastic

Peppa: (Snorts) I Like These Glasses.

Mummy Pig: Yes, Peppa! You Look Fantastic.

Peppa: (Snorts) I Look Fantastic.

(Peppa And Mummy Pig Laughs)

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