He is the villain of the Disney Movie "The Rescuers Down Under".

As Captain Hook in Oliver Pan

He is a Captain who battlies Oliver.

As Jafar in Suneoladdin

He is the great visir of the sultan. And swallows his Hydra to Suneo.

As Sykes in Toby & Company

He is a Gangster.

As Ratigan in The Great Kitten Detective (Ver. 511)

He gives his revenge to Oliver.

[[ As Rasputin in Hannahstasia

[[ As Jasper in 101 Kittens (Ver. 101)

[[ As Sheriff of Nottingham in Berlioz Hood

[[ As Lord Farquaad in Greck

[[ As The Ringmaster in Toby (aka Dumbo)

[[ As The Coachman in Jeremynocchio

[[ As Clayton in Lukezan

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