Here's part one of the PBS Kids Sprout Home Video version of Dirtgirl Plays the Game & Other Episodes. This part features: Video Treasures FBI Warning, PBS Kids Sprout Home Video logo, Dirtgirl & Friends Season 5 Intro, Dirtgirl Plays the Game, Nameplates after Dirtgirl Plays the Game, Hurry Up, Dirtgirl and Nameplates after Hurry Up, Dirtgirl.

Opening Credits

  • Based on The PBS Kids Sprout Series by The REV.W.AWDRY
  • Told by GREG PROOPS


Dirtgirl Plays the Game

  • Greg Proops: Dirtgirl could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could zip zippers and button buttons. But Dirtgirl wanted to be the best player on his team.
  • Dirtgirl: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... I would try it to be the player.
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl.
  • Ken: Would you like some flies?
  • Greg Proops: Said Ken.
  • Dirtgirl: Yes!
  • Greg Proops: Said Dirtgirl.
  • Dirtgirl: Let's go, Ken!
  • Greg Proops: Then, he went to the soccer game to kick a ball.
  • Velma: Foul!
  • Greg Proops: Said Velma.
  • Shaggy: Scooby-doo! Where are you?
  • Greg Proops: Yelled Shaggy.
  • Fred: Somewhere might be deep trouble.
  • Fred, Velma, Shaggy, and Daphine: Go, team!
  • Dirtgirl: Kick it, Scooby-Doo!
  • Shaggy: Here goes!
  • Greg Proops: Shaggy kicked it. And kick it. And kick it. They won!
  • Ken: This calls for a celebration, Dirtgirl. Come on!
  • Greg Proops: Then, we had ice cream at until the next game.
  • Scooby-Doo: Scooby Dooby Doooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • All: {laughter}

Nameplates after Dirtgirl Plays the Game

  • Dirtgirl
  • Scrapboy
  • Ken
  • Grubby

Hurry Up, Dirtgirl

  • Greg Proops: Dirtgirl could slide down a riverbank all by myself. He could forwards and backwards. But Dirtgirl was very special.

Nameplates after Time For Trouble

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

My Comments

  • SuperMalechi: Did you use the text taken from the "Thomas Gets Bumped" 1992 VHS and the "Thomas, Percy & The Dragon" 1993 VHS?
  • Pikachufreak: Yes.
  • SuperMalechi: Then you must upload the last 4 Cartoon Paridise videos.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi: Upload the last remaining Cartoon Paridise videos.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi: Start uploading the first 5 Cartoon Paridise videos, please?
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi: Didn't you upload more Dexter and Dee Dee's Pokemon Adventures VHS ideas?
  • Pikachufreak: I almost forgot. I must upload them.
  • SuperMalechi: Haven't you forgot to upload the voice actors for Pokemon Puzzle League have Andy voiced by Kayzie Rogers and Sonic voiced by Jason Griffith. Then, upload the air dates for the episodes then your VHS ideas.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.

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