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  • Percy as Numbuh 1 (Numbuh 1's Voice Suits Percy The Green Tank Engine)
  • Thomas as Numbuh 2 (Numbuh 2's Voice Suits Thomas The Blue Tank Engine)
  • Molly as Numbuh 3 (Numbuh 3's Voice Suits Molly The Yellow Tender Engine)
  • Billy as Numbuh 4 (Numbuh 4's Voice Suits Billy The Orange Tank Engine)
  • Emily as Numbuh 5 (Numbuh 5's Voice Suits Emily The Beautiful Emerald Sterling Tender Engine)
  • Daisy as Numbuh 86 (Numbuh 86's Voice Suits Daisy The Diesel Railcar)
  • Rosie as Numbuh 362 (Numbuh 362's Voice Suits Rosie The Lavander Tank Engine)
  • Boco as Numbuh 60 (Numbuh 60's Voice Suits BoCo the Big Diesel Engine)
  • Charlie as Numbuh 1-Love
  • Ferdinand as Maurice
  • Duncan as The Kid
  • Gordon as Joe Balooka
  • Hiro as Trevor
  • James as Monty Uno
  • Diesel 10 as Heinrich Von Marzipan (Heinrich Von Marzipan's Voice Suits Diesel 10)
  • Mavis as Henrietta Von Marzipan (Henrietta Von Marzipan's Voice Suits Mavis The Quarry Diesel Engine)
  • Elizabeth as Cree Lincoln (Cree Lincoln's Voice Suits Elizabeth The Vintage Lorry)
  • George as Toilenator
  • Hector as Knightbrace
  • Freddie as Stickybeard
  • Diesel as Father

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