Percy Proves A Point & Other Stories is a Thomas VHS idea made for Strand Home Video in October 1992, Time-Life Video in 1994, and Video Treasures in 1995, each containing three Season 1 episodes, three Season 2 episodes and one Season 3 episode.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Harold
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Henry (does not speak)
  • Terence (mentioned)


  1. Percy Proves A Point
  2. Thomas and Bertie's Great Race
  3. Thomas Saves The Day
  4. Down The Mine
  5. Bertie's Chase
  6. Percy's Promise
  7. Woolly Bear


  • Narrated by George Carlin.
  • Released on October 8, 1992 by Strand Home Video, 1994 by Time-Life Video, and 1995 by Video Treasures.
  • The Season 2 intro, nameplate sequence (1992-1994) and the outro are used together.
  • The "Next Story Coming Up Soon!" logo is taken from the "Thomas Gets Bumped" 1992 VHS, the "Thomas, Percy and The Dragon" 1993 VHS, the "Daisy" 1993 VHS, the "James Goes Buzz Buzz" 1994 VHS, the "Percy's Ghostly Trick" 1994 VHS and the "Thomas and His Friends Get Along" 1998 VHS.
  • The text is taken from the "Thomas Gets Bumped" 1992 VHS and the "Thomas, Percy and The Dragon" 1993 VHS.
  • In the end credits, a still picture from "Woolly Bear" is used.
  • The end credit text is taken from the "Thomas Gets Bumped" 1992 VHS and the "Thomas, Percy and The Dragon" 1993 VHS.

Opening Previews

Strand Home Video version

  1. Britt Allcroft Presents logo
  2. Thomas and Friends Season 2 intro
  3. First few seconds of Percy Proves A Point

Time-Life version

  1. Time-Life FBI Warning
  2. Time-Life Video logo (1992-2001)
  3. Britt Allcroft Presents logo
  4. Thomas and Friends Season 2 intro
  5. First few seconds of Percy Proves A Point

Video Treasures version

  1. Video Treasures FBI Warning
  2. Video Treasures logo (1987-1997)
  3. Britt Allcroft Presents logo
  4. Thomas and Friends Season 2 intro
  5. First few seconds of Percy Proves A Point

Closing Previews

Strand Home Video version

  1. Last few seconds of Woolly Bear
  2. Thomas and Friends outro

Time-Life version

  1. Last few seconds of Woolly Bear
  2. Thomas and Friends outro

Video Treasures version

  1. Last few seconds of Woolly Bear
  2. Thomas and Friends outro

Opening Credits

  • Based on The Railway Series by The REV.W.AWDRY
  • Directed by DAVID MITTON

Cover Artwork

Front Cover

  • Percy at Elsbridge from "Percy's Promise"

Back Cover

  • Thomas at the lead mines from "Down The Mine"

Cover Color

  • White

Running Time

  • 35 Minutes


Percy Proves A Point

  • George Carlin: Percy worked hard at the new harbour. The workmen needed stone for their building. Toby helped, but sometimes the loads of stone are too heavy, and Percy had to fetch them for himself. Sometimes, he sees Thomas.
  • Thomas: Well done, Percy. Sir Topham Hatt is very pleased with us.
  • George Carlin: An airfield was closed by. Percy heard the airplane zooming overhead all day. The noises of all was a helicopter.
  • Percy: Silly thing!
  • George Carlin: Said Percy.
  • Percy: Why can't and go and buzz somewhere else?
  • George Carlin: One day, Percy stopped at the airfield.
  • Percy: Hello.
  • George Carlin: Said Percy.
  • Percy: Who are you?
  • Harold: I'm Harold. Who are you?
  • Percy: I'm Percy. What whirly great arms you've got.
  • Harold: They're nice arms.
  • George Carlin: Said Harold.
  • Harold: I can hover like a bird. Don't you wish you could hover?
  • Percy: Certainly not. I like my rails, thank you.
  • Harold: I think railways are slow.
  • George Carlin: Said Harold.
  • Harold: They're not much use and quite out of date.
  • George Carlin: He whirled his arms and buzzed away. Percy found Toby at the quarry.
  • Percy: I say Toby. That Harold, that stuck up whirlybird thing, says I'm slow and out of date. Just let him wait. I'll show him.
  • George Carlin: He collected his freight cars and started off still fuming. Soon, they heard a familiar buzzing.
  • Driver: Percy.
  • George Carlin: Whispered his driver.
  • Driver: There's Harold. He's not far ahead. Let's race him.
  • Percy: Yes, let's.
  • George Carlin: Said Percy. Percy pounded along, the cars screamed and swayed.
  • Driver: Well, I'll be a ding-dong dang!
  • George Carlin: Said the driver. There was Harold. The race was on!
  • Driver: Go it, Percy!
  • George Carlin: He yelled.
  • Driver: You're ganging!
  • George Carlin: Percy had never been allowed to go fast before. He was having the time of his life.
  • Percy: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
  • George Carlin: He panted to the cars.
  • Cars: We don't want to, we don't want to.
  • George Carlin: They grumbled. It was no use. Percy was bucketing along with flying wheels and Harold was high and alongside. The fireman shoveled for dear life.
  • Driver: Well done, Percy!
  • George Carlin: Shouted the driver.
  • Driver: We're ganging! We're going ahead! Oh good boy, good boy!
  • George Carlin: A distant signal warned them that the harbour wharf was near.
  • Percy: Peep peep peep! Brakes, conductor, please?
  • George Carlin: The driver carefully checked the train's headlong speed. They rolled onto the main line, and halted on the wharf.
  • Percy: Oh dear!
  • George Carlin: Groaned Percy.
  • Percy: I'm sure we've lost.
  • George Carlin: The fireman scrambled to the cab roof.
  • Fireman: We've won, we've won!
  • George Carlin: He shouted.
  • Fireman: Harold's still hovering. He's looking for a place to land. Listen, boys.
  • George Carlin: The fireman called.
  • Fireman: Here's a song for Percy. (singing) Said Harold the Helicopter to our Percy you are slow. Your railway is out of date and not much used you know, but Percy and his stone cars did the trip in record time, and we beat the helicopter on our old branch line.
  • George Carlin: Percy loved it.
  • Percy: Oh, thank you!
  • George Carlin: He said. He liked the last line best of all, and was a very happy engine.

Nameplates after Percy Proves A Point

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Thomas and Bertie's Great Race

  • George Carlin: Thomas was waiting at the junction when the bus arrives.
  • Thomas: Hello.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: Who are you?
  • Bertie: I'm Bertie. Who are you?
  • Thomas: I'm Thomas. I run this branch line.
  • Bertie: So you're Thomas. Ah, I remembered now. You got stuck in the snow. I took your passengers and Terence the Tractor pulled you out. I've come to help you with your passengers today.
  • Thomas: Help me?
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: I can go faster than you.
  • Bertie: You can't.
  • George Carlin: Said Bertie.
  • Thomas: I can.
  • George Carlin: Huffed Thomas.
  • Bertie: I'll race you!
  • George Carlin: Said Bertie. Their drivers agreed for the race going ahead. The stationmaster said...
  • Stationmaster: Are you ready? Go!
  • George Carlin: Thomas never could go fast at first and Bertie drew in front.
  • Annie and Clarabel: Why don't you go fast, why don't you go fast.
  • George Carlin: Called Annie and Clarabel.
  • Thomas: Wait and see, wait and see.
  • George Carlin: Hissed Thomas.
  • Annie and Clarabel: He's a long way ahead.
  • George Carlin: They wailed. But Thomas didn't mind. He remembered the level crossing. There was Bertie fuming at the gates while they sail gaily through.
  • Thomas: Goodbye, Bertie!
  • George Carlin: Called Thomas. After that the road left the railway so that they couldn't see Bertie. Then, they had to stop at the station to let off passengers.
  • Thomas: Peep peep! Quickly please!
  • George Carlin: Called Thomas and off they went again.
  • Thomas: Come along, come along.
  • George Carlin: Sang Thomas.
  • Annie and Clarabel: We're coming along, we're coming along.
  • George Carlin: Sang Annie and Clarabel.
  • Thomas: Hurry, hurry, hurry!
  • George Carlin: Panted Thomas, then he looked ahead. There was Bertie tooting triumphally on his horn.
  • Thomas: Oh dearie me, oh dearie me!
  • George Carlin: Groaned Thomas.
  • Driver: Steady, Thomas.
  • George Carlin: Said his driver.
  • Driver: We'll beat Bertie yet.
  • Annie and Clarabel: We'll be Bertie yet, we'll beat Bertie yet.
  • George Carlin: Echoed Annie and Clarabel.
  • Thomas: We'll do it, we'll do it.
  • George Carlin: Panted Thomas.
  • Thomas: Oh bother! There's the station.
  • George Carlin: Then he heard Bertie.
  • Bertie: Goodbye, Thomas. You must be tired. Sorry I can't stop. We buses have to work here you know. Goodbye.
  • Thomas: Oh dear.
  • George Carlin: Thought Thomas.
  • Thomas: We've lost.
  • George Carlin: But he felt better after a drink. The signal dropped.
  • Thomas: Hurrah, we're off! Hurrah, we're off!
  • George Carlin: Puffed Thomas. As they crossed the bridge, they heard an impatient...
  • Bertie: Honk honk!
  • George Carlin: There was Bertie waiting at the traffic lights. he started with a roar and chased on after Thomas once again. Now Thomas reached his full speed. Bertie tried hard but Thomas was too fast. Whistling triumphantly he plunged into the tunnel leaving Bertie toiling far behind.
  • Thomas: We've done it, we've done it!
  • George Carlin: Panted Thomas.
  • Annie and Clarabel: We've done it, hooray! We've done it, hooray!
  • George Carlin: Chanted Annie and Clarabel as they whooshed into the last station. Everyone was there to celebrate Thomas' victory. But they gave Bertie a big welcome too.
  • Bertie: Well done, Thomas.
  • George Carlin: Said Bertie.
  • Bertie: That was fun. But to beat you over that hill, I should have to grow wings and be an airplane.
  • George Carlin: They now kept each others very busy. They often talked about their race, but Bertie's passengers don't like being bounced like peas in the frying pan, and Sir Topham Hatt has warned Thomas not to race at dangerous speeds. So although, between you and me, they would like to have another race. I don't think they ever will, do you?

Nameplates after Thomas and Bertie's Great Race

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Thomas Saves The Day

  • George Carlin: Every day, Sir Topham Hatt came to the station to catch his train.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Hello.
  • George Carlin: He always said to Thomas.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Don't let the silly freight cars tease you. Remember, you have an important job as a special helper in the train yard.
  • (Thomas' whistle toots)
  • George Carlin: There were lots of freight cars and Thomas worked very hard pushing and pulling them into place. There was also a small coach and two strange things his driver called cranes.
  • Thomas' Driver: That's the breakdown train.
  • George Carlin: He told Thomas.
  • Thomas' Driver: The cranes are for lifting heavy things like engines and coaches and freight cars.
  • George Carlin: One day, Thomas was in the yard. Suddenly he heard an engine whistling.
  • James: Help! Help!
  • George Carlin: A freight train came rushing through much too fast. The engine was James and he was frightened. His brake blocks were on fire.
  • James: They're pushing me, they're pushing me.
  • George Carlin: He panted.
  • Freight Cars: On! On!
  • George Carlin: Laughed the freight cars. Still whistling...
  • James: Help! Help!
  • George Carlin: Poor James disappeared.
  • Thomas: I like to teach those freight cars a lesson.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • (We hear an alarm ringing)
  • George Carlin: Soon came the alarm.
  • Signalman: James is off the line. The breakdown train quickly.
  • George Carlin: Thomas was coupled on and off they went. Thomas worked his hardest.
  • Thomas: Hurry, hurry, hurry!
  • George Carlin: He puffed. He wasn't pretending to be like Gordon. He really meant it.
  • Thomas: Bother those freight cars and their tricks. I hope poor James isn't hurt.
  • George Carlin: James' driver and fireman were feeling him all over to see if he was hurt.
  • (Cows mooing)
  • James' Driver and Fireman: Never mind James.
  • George Carlin: They said.
  • James' Driver and Fireman: It was those silly freight cars and your old wooden brakes that caused the accident.
  • George Carlin: Thomas pushed the breakdown train alongside. Then he pulled away the unhurt freight cars.
  • Freight Cars: Oh, dear. Oh, dear.
  • George Carlin: They groaned.
  • Thomas: Serves you right, serves you right.
  • George Carlin: Puffed Thomas. He was hard at work puffing backwards and forwards all afternoon.
  • Thomas: This'll teach you a lesson, this'll teach you a lesson.
  • George Carlin: He told the freight cars. And they answered...
  • Freight Cars: Yes it will, yes it will.
  • George Carlin: They left the broken cars. Then with two cranes they put James back on the rails.
  • (The cranes lift James away from the field. A surprised Thomas watches as James is put back to the rails)
  • George Carlin: He tried to move, but he couldn't so Thomas helped him back to the shed. Sir Topham Hatt was waiting anxiously for them.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Well, Thomas.
  • George Carlin: He said.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I heard all about it and I'm very pleased with you. You're a really useful engine. James shall have some proper brakes and a new coat of paint and you shall have a branch line all to yourself.
  • Thomas: Oh thank you sir.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas. Now Thomas is as happy as can be. He has a branch line and two coaches called Annie and Clarabel. He puffs proudly backwards and forwards with them all day. He is never lonely. Edward and Henry stop quite often and tell him the news. Gordon is always in a hurry but never forgets to say...
  • Gordon: Boop Boop.
  • George Carlin: And Thomas always whistles...
  • Thomas: Peep Peep.
  • George Carlin: In return.
  • (Thomas' whistle toots)

Nameplates after Thomas Saves The Day

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Down The Mine

  • George Carlin: One day, Thomas was at the junction when Gordon shuffled in with some freight cars.
  • Thomas: Phew!
  • George Carlin: Remarked Thomas
  • Thomas: What a funny smell. Can you smell a smell?
  • Annie: I can't smell a smell.
  • George Carlin: Said Annie.
  • Thomas: A funny musty sort of smell.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas.
  • Gordon: No one noticed until you did.
  • George Carlin: Grumbled Gordon.
  • Gordon: It must be yours.
  • George Carlin: Not long ago, he had fallen into a dirty ditch. Thomas enjoyed teasing him about it.
  • Thomas: Annie, Clarabel, do you know what I think it is? It's ditchwater.
  • George Carlin: Before Gordon could answer, Thomas puffed away. Annie and Clarabel could hardly believe their ears.
  • Annie: He's dreadfully rude I feel quite ashamed.
  • Clarabel: I feel quite ashamed he's dreadfully rude.
  • George Carlin: And to Thomas they said.
  • Annie and Clarabel: You mustn't be rude, you make us ashamed.
  • George Carlin: But Thomas didn't care a bit.
  • Thomas: That was funny, that was funny.
  • George Carlin: He chuckled. He felt very pleased with himself. Annie and Clarabel were deeply shocked. They have great respect for Gordon The Big Engine. Thomas left the coaches at the station and went off to a mine for some cars. Long ago, miners digging there have made tunnels under the ground. Their roofs are strong enough to hold up cars but not the weight of engines. A large notice warns them not to enter the area: Danger! Engines must not pass this board.
  • Thomas: Silly old board.
  • George Carlin: Thought Thomas. He had often tried to pass it but had never succeeded. But this morning he had made a plan. The fireman went to throw the switch.
  • Thomas: Now for my plan!
  • George Carlin: Huffed Thomas. Bumping the cars fiercely he jerked his driver off the footplate and followed them into the siding.
  • Thomas' Driver: Come back!
  • George Carlin: Yelled his driver.
  • (A loud splash is heard as Thomas falls to the mine)
  • Thomas: Fire and smoke!
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: I'm sunk.
  • George Carlin: And he was.
  • Thomas: Oh, dear.
  • George Carlin: He said.
  • Thomas: I am a silly engine.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: And a very naughty one, too. I saw you!
  • George Carlin: Said Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Thomas: Please let me out. I wont do it again.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I'm not sure. We can't lift you out with the cranes. The ground's not firm enough. Hmm, let me see. I wonder if Gordon could pull you out.
  • Thomas: Yes sir.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas. But he didn't want to meet Gordon just yet.
  • Gordon: Down the mine is he? Ha! ha! ha!
  • George Carlin: Laughed Gordon.
  • Gordon: What a joke! Boop boop! Little Thomas, we'll have your out in a couple of puffs.
  • George Carlin: Strong cables were fastened between the two engines.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Are you ready? Heave!
  • (Gordon pulls Thomas out of the mine)
  • George Carlin: It was a lot harden than they all thought. At last Thomas was free.
  • Thomas: I'm sorry I was cheeky.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas.
  • Gordon: That's all right, Thomas. You made me laugh.
  • George Carlin: Replied Gordon.
  • Gordon: I'm in disgrace.
  • Thomas: So am I.
  • George Carlin: Huffed Thomas.
  • Gordon: Why so you are Thomas. Shall we form an alliance. You help me and I help you.
  • Thomas: Right you are.
  • George Carlin: Agreed Thomas.
  • Gordon: Good. That's settled.
  • George Carlin: Rumbled Gordon. And buffer to buffer the allies puffed home.
  • (Gordon and Thomas head home as we end the episode)

Nameplates after Down The Mine

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Bertie's Chase

  • George Carlin: One morning, Edward was waiting to pick some passengers from Thomas' train.
  • Edward: Peep peep! We're late! Where is Thomas? He doesn't usually make us wait.
  • Fireman: Oh dear, what can the matter be?
  • George Carlin: Sanged the fireman.
  • Fireman: Johnny's so longer...
  • Driver: Never you mind about Johnny.
  • George Carlin: Laughed the driver.
  • Driver: Just you climb on the cab and look for Thomas. Can you see him?
  • Fireman: No.
  • George Carlin: Replied the fireman.
  • Fireman: There's Bertie Bus in the terriying hurry. No need to bother with him though. Likely, he's on the coach tour of something.
  • George Carlin: He clambered down.
  • Bertie: Stop, stop! I've got Thomas' passengers!
  • George Carlin: Wailed Bertie, roaring up to the gates. It was no good. Edward was gone.
  • Bertie: Bother.
  • George Carlin: Said Bertie.
  • Bertie: Bother Thomas' fireman not coming to work today. Why did I promise to help the visitors catch the train?
  • Driver: That will do, Bertie.
  • George Carlin: Said his driver.
  • Driver: A promise is a promise and we must keep it.
  • Bertie: I'll catch Edward or bust.
  • George Carlin: Said Bertie.
  • Bertie: Oh, my gears and axles!
  • George Carlin: He groaned, toiling up the hill.
  • Bertie: I'll never be the same bus again. Hooray, hooray! I see him!
  • George Carlin: Cheered Bertie as he reached the top.
  • Bertie: Oh no! Edward's at the station! No, he stopped at the crossing. Hooray, hooray!
  • George Carlin: Bertie toured down the hill.
  • Passengers: Well done, Bertie!
  • George Carlin: Shouted his passengers.
  • Passengers: Go it!
  • George Carlin: Bertie skitted into the yard.
  • Bertie: Wait, wait!
  • George Carlin: Cried Bertie. He was just in time to see Edward puffed away.
  • Bertie: I'm sorry.
  • George Carlin: Said Bertie.
  • Passengers: Never mind.
  • George Carlin: Said the passengers.
  • Passengers: After him quickly. Third time lucky you know. Do you think we'll catch 'em at the next station, driver?
  • Driver: There's a good chance.
  • George Carlin: Replied his driver.
  • Driver: Our road keeps close to the line and we can climb hills better than Edward. I'll just make sure.
  • George Carlin: He spoke to the stationmaster. Bertie and the passengers waited impatiently.
  • Driver: Yes! We'll do it this time.
  • George Carlin: Said the driver.
  • Passengers: Hooray!
  • George Carlin: Called the passengers, as Bertie chased after Edward once more.
  • Coaches: This hill is too steep, this hill is too steep!
  • George Carlin: Grumbled the coaches as Edward snorted in front. They reach the top at last and ran smoothly into the station.
  • Edward: Peep!
  • George Carlin: Whistled Edward.
  • Edward: Get in quickly please.
  • George Carlin: The conductor blew the whistle and Edward's driver looked back. But the flag didn't wave, Then he heard Bertie. Everything seem to happy at once, and the stationmaster told the conductor and driver what had happened.
  • Edward: I'm sorry about the chase, Bertie.
  • George Carlin: Said Edward.
  • Bertie: My fault.
  • George Carlin: Replied Bertie.
  • Bertie: Late at junction. You didn't know about Thomas' passengers.
  • Edward: Peep peep! Goodbye, Bertie! We're off!
  • George Carlin: Whistled Edward.
  • Passengers: Three cheers for Bertie!
  • George Carlin: Called the passengers. Bertie raced back to tell Thomas that all was well.
  • Thomas: Thank you, Bertie, for keeping your promise.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: You're a very good friend indeed.

Nameplates after Bertie's Chase

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Percy's Promise

  • George Carlin: Every summer, the Island of Sodor was very busy. Holiday makers love the sight see. When the weather is fine, there's no better place to visit. Some people like to go to the mountains. Others like the valleys. Children love the seaside. One morning, Thomas was puffing along the line that runs by the coast. His two coaches Annie and Clarabel were packed with children going to the beach. Everyone was happy. Percy was taking some freight cars at the Harbour.
  • Percy: Hello, Thomas. You look cheerful. I wish I can take children today instead of freight cars.
  • Thomas: They're in the vicar's Sunday school.
  • George Carlin: Explained Thomas.
  • Thomas: I'm busy this evening, but the stationmaster says I can ask you to take the children home.
  • Percy: Of course I will.
  • George Carlin: Promised Percy. Later, Percy saw Harold.
  • Harold: Sorry, Percy. Can't talk. I'm on high alert.
  • Percy: Why?
  • Harold: Bad weather's due. My help's always needed. Might how you go, Percy.
  • Percy: Huh.
  • George Carlin: Huffed Percy.
  • Percy: As long I got rails to run on, I can go anywhere and any weather anyhow. Goodbye.
  • Edward: Be careful.
  • George Carlin: Warned Edward.
  • Edward: There's a storm coming.
  • Percy: A promise is a promise.
  • George Carlin: Thought Percy.
  • Percy: No matter what the weather.
  • George Carlin: The children had a lovely day, but by tea time, dark clouds loomed ahead. Annie and Clarabel were glad when Percy arrived. He was just in time. The rain streamed down Percy's boiler.
  • Percy: Ugh!
  • George Carlin: He shivered and thought of his nice dry shed. Percy struggled on past coastal villages and into the countryside. The river was rising fast.
  • Percy: I wish I could see, I wish I could see!
  • George Carlin: Complained Percy as he battled against the rain. More trouble lay ahead.
  • (Percy falls into the water and inside him, the fire gets sloshed)
  • Percy: Oh!
  • George Carlin: Hissed Percy.
  • Percy: The water's sloshing my fire!
  • George Carlin: Percy's driver and fireman had to find some more firewood.
  • Fireman: I'll have some of your floor boards, please.
  • George Carlin: Said the fireman to the conductor.
  • Conductor: I only swept the floor this morning.
  • George Carlin: Grumbled the conductor and he still help. Soon, Percy's fire was burning well. He felt warm and comfortable again. Then he saw Harold.
  • Percy: Oh dear.
  • George Carlin: Thought Percy.
  • Percy: Harold's coming to laugh at me.
  • George Carlin: Something floated onto Percy's boiler.
  • Percy: Ow!
  • George Carlin: Explained Percy.
  • Percy: He needed throw things.
  • Driver: It's a parachute!
  • George Carlin: Laughed his driver.
  • Driver: Harold's dropping hot drinks from us.
  • Percy: Thank you, Harold.
  • George Carlin: Whistled Percy.
  • Harold: Good to be at service.
  • George Carlin: Replied Harold as buzzed away. The water lapped Percy's wheels. Percy was losing steam again, but he plunged bravely on.
  • Percy: I promised.
  • George Carlin: He panted.
  • Percy: I promised.
  • George Carlin: He meant one more big effort, and at last exhausted by triumph, he brought the train home.
  • Thomas: Well done, Percy!
  • George Carlin: Cheered Thomas.
  • Thomas: You kept your promise, despite everything!
  • George Carlin: Sir Topham Hatt arrived in Harold. First, he thanked the men, then Percy.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Harold told me you are a wizard. He said he can beat you at somethings, but not a been on submarine. I don't know what you get onto sometimes, but I do know that you're a really useful engine.
  • Percy: Oh sir.
  • George Carlin: Whispered Percy happily.

Nameplates after Percy's Promise

  • Thomas
  • James
  • Gordon
  • Henry
  • Edward
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Bertie
  • Terence

Woolly Bear

  • George Carlin: In the summer, the work crews cut the long grass along the tracks raking it into heaps to dry in the sun. At this time of year, Percy stops where they have been cutting. The men load up his empty wagons and he pulls them to the station.
  • (Percy leaves with the loaded cars)
  • George Carlin: Toby then takes them to the hills for the farmers to feed their stock.
  • (Toby also leaves with the same load)
  • Percy: Wheeeeeeeesh!
  • George Carlin: Percy gave a ghostly whistle.
  • Percy: Don't be frightened, Thomas.
  • George Carlin: He laughed.
  • Percy: It's only me!
  • Thomas: Your ugly fizz is enough to frighten anyone.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: You're like...
  • Percy: Ugly indeed. I'm...
  • Thomas: Green caterpillar with red stripes.
  • George Carlin: Continued Thomas firmly.
  • Thomas: You crawl like one too.
  • Percy: I don't!
  • Thomas: Who's been late every afternoon this week?
  • Percy: It's the hay.
  • Thomas: I can't help that.
  • George Carlin: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: Time's time, and Sir Topham Hatt relies on me to keep it. I can't if you crawl in the hay till all hours.
  • Percy: Green caterpillar indeed.
  • George Carlin: Fumed Percy, as he set off to collect some hay to take to the harbour.
  • Percy: Everyone says I'm handsome, or at least nearly anyone. Anyway, my curves are better than Thomas' corners. Thomas says I'm always late.
  • George Carlin: He grumbled.
  • Percy: I'm never late, or at least only a few minutes. What's that to Thomas? He can always catch up time farther on.
  • George Carlin: All the same, he and his driver decided to start home early. Then came trouble.
  • (The crate of treacle appears held by a crane it falls down and lands on Percy with a loud Wham!)
  • George Carlin: A crate of treacle was upset all over Percy. Percy was cross. He was still sticky when he puffed away. The wind was blowing fiercely.
  • Percy's Driver: Look at that!
  • George Carlin: Explained the driver. The wind caught the piled hay, tossing it up and over the track. The line climbed here.
  • Percy's Driver: Take a run at it, Percy.
  • George Carlin: His driver advised. Percy gathered speed. But the hay made the rails slippery and his wheels wouldn't grip. Time after time he stalled with spinning wheels and had to wait until the line ahead was cleared before he could start again. Everyone was waiting. Thomas seethed impatiently.
  • Thomas: Ten minutes late. I warned him. Passengers will complain and Sir Topham Hatt.
  • George Carlin: Then they all saw Percy. They laughed and shouted.
  • (Passengers laughing)
  • Percy: Sorry I'm late.
  • George Carlin: Percy panted.
  • Thomas: Look what's crawled out of the hay!
  • George Carlin: Teased Thomas.
  • Percy: What's wrong?
  • George Carlin: Asked Percy.
  • Thomas: Talk about hairy caterpillars.
  • George Carlin: Puffed Thomas.
  • Thomas: It's worth been late to have seen you.
  • George Carlin: When Percy got home, his driver showed him what he looked like in the mirror.
  • (Percy gets shocked in the mirror)
  • Percy: Bust my buffers! No wonder they all laughed. I'm just look like a woolly bear. Please clean me before Toby comes.
  • George Carlin: But it was no good. Thomas told Toby all about it.
  • (Workmen are seen clearing the hay out of Percy)
  • George Carlin: Instead of talking about sensible things like playing ghosts, Thomas and Toby made jokes about woolly bear caterpillars, and other creatures which crawled about in hay. They laughed a lot, but Percy thought they were really being very silly indeed!

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