Percy Takes the Plunge (known as Percy in the Sea for American audiences) is the 26th episode of (SuperMalechi's alternate) Season 5 of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. This has a mix of the original RWS story and new material by Davey Moore.


One day, Percy is talking to Rosie, Stanley and Charlie about the time he braved bad weather to help Thomas. Henry arrives at the sheds and sends Rosie, Stanley and Charlie away, and Percy tells Henry that he likes water and runs off to the Barbour singing the song of Henry and the rain.

When Percy arrives, Thomas warns Percy about the danger sign and reminds him of the time he fell down a mine. Percy tries to pass the sign, but his driver always prevents him. One day, Percy has made a plan. Once he arrives at the quarry, he whispers to the cars and ask him to bump him. The cars are surprised and giggle and chatter about the plan. Once Percy and the cars arrive at the harbour, the cars bump Percy's crew off the footplate and Percy falls off the quay and into the sea. Sir Yopham Hatt scolds Percy for this accident and one night, the cranes rescue Perch and he is taken to the works by Henry.


  • Thomas
  • Henry
  • Percy
  • Rosie
  • Stanley
  • Charlie
  • Freight Cars
  • Sir Topbam Hatt


  • US Narrator: Ringo Starr.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.
  • A flashback from "Down the Mine" is used.

Music included

  • Train Stops Play Intro Music (Henry puffs into the station)
  • Special Funnel Intro Theme (Percy tells the engines the story of how he braved bad weather)


Michael Angelis UK narration

Ringo Starr US narration

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