• Percy
  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • James
  • Mavis
  • Gordon [does not speak]
  • Edward [does not speak]
  • Bertie [cameo]
  • Sir Topham Hatt [mentioned]
  • Stafford (Mentioned

Narrator: Percy And His Friends when Shopping to The mall Percy saw The Simpsons season 21 and he went crazy.

Percy: Thomas, Emily Can i Have This?

Thomas:No You Already have too many Simpsons Blu Ray Disc.


Thomas: Why not Barney And Friends!The Simpsons S21 Is a Phony!

Percy is still throwing a tantrum

Emily: No! This is your second Tantrum Already!

James: UGH! (Says the Smosh's Shut Up) SHUT UP! SIr Topham Hat is Going to get mad at u! GOD

Percy Still throws a tantrum

Thomas: lets go back to tidmouth sheds!

The next day they went shopping again

Mavis: Hello And welcome to WeeGee Mart. What can i do for u?

Emily: Is there batteries for Stafford?

Thomas: Stafford Is Dead

Percy: Is there the Simpsons Season 21?

James: Percy! Were not looking for sh*t!

Percy: But how come Edward Henry Toby And Gordon Gets to go shopping by there selves when i can't?

James: Well Look....

Percy: But But But

James: fine. THIS IS SPARTA! (Then punches Percy).

Percy: OW! (Then makes a tantrum)

Thomas And Emily: Percy!

Percy still throws a tantrum

James; Fine!

Percy: YAY!

so they bought it and went back to Tidmouth Sheds

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