Percy and James takes Rocky to rescue Spencer.Spencer very pround on them.One day,Sir Topham Hatt give Percy to send the mail on the Maithwaite.Bach saw Percy mail car and he surprises.Bach buffer up with Percy's mail train.Percy didn't saw his mail car and puff to find it.Bach find the way to hide the mail car.Percy find the mail car on Misty island but he didn't saw it.Bach puff to tunnel and he hear Thomas whistle and puff back to hiding.When Thomas go,Bach puff out the tunnel and go to the Smelter's yard hill and drop Percy's mail car down the hill.Percy sad he very late.Then there were trouble,Sir Topham Hatt and Winston drove fast and hit with Percy.Sir Topham Hatt very cross in Percy.Percy told his mail car was loose.Sir Topham Hatt brig the another time for Percy to find the mail car and Percy saw Bach on the Smelter's yard.Percy very cross in Bach to loose his mail sending.Bach said sorry to Percy and Bach and Percy send the mail together and Sir Topham Hatt very pround on them.

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