1 fine morning, Percy was in the yard when he heard Rosie whistling and shouting, “Help me, help me!”

Rosie came rushing through much too fast.

Rosie was terrified. Her brake blocks were on fire, and smoke and sparks streamed out on every single side.

“They’re pushing me, they’re pushing me!” Rosie panted in fear.

“On, on, faster, faster!” the Freight Cars laughed in unison as Rosie was still whistling and shouting, “Help me, help me!”

Poor Rosie disappeared under the bridge.

“I would like to teach those Freight Cars a lesson.” Percy said as the signal bell rang in the signal box and the signal man came running out of it.

“Rosie’s off the line, the breakdown train, hurry up!” the signal man exclaimed in alarm.

And so Percy was coupled on, the workmen jumped right into their coaches and off they went.

Percy worked his hardest.

“Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!” Percy puffed, but this time, he wasn’t pretending to be like Henry, he really meant it.

“Bother those Freight Cars and their pranks,” Percy thought. “I hope poor Rosie’s not damaged.

They found Rosie and the Freight Cars at the bend on the line. The brake van and the last few Freight Cars, but the front 1s were piled in a heap; Rosie was in the field with a pig looking at her, and her driver and fireman were feeling her all over to see if she was damaged


“Never mind that, Rosie,” they said. “It wasn’t your entire fault, it was those wooden brakes they gave you.” “We always said they were no good.”

Percy pushed the breakdown train alongside.

Then he pulled the non-damaged Freight Cars outta the way.

“Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!” the Freight Cars groaned in unison.

“Serves you right, serves you right!” Percy puffed angrily.

When the workmen put other Freight Cars on the line he pulled them away too. He was hard at work puffing back and front all afternoon.

“This’ll teach you a lesson, this’ll teach you a lesson!” Percy told the Freight Cars, and they all answered, “Of course it will, of course it will,” in a devastated, groany creaky sort of voice.

They left the broken Freight Cars and mended the line. Then with 2 cranes, they put Rosie back on the rails. Rosie tried to move around, but she couldn’t. So Percy helped her back to the train engine shed.

Rosie’s driver took Rosie back home to the train engine shed and there was a congratulating victory for Percy the Heroic Green Engine.

End of Percy’s side of the story sequence………………….