Narrator: 1 fine lovely afternoon, everybody came to the railroad station to see Thomas and his railroad engine friends."

Mr. Percival: “Hi there.”

Fat Controller: “Remember, Percy, don’t be impatient, you can never be just as strong and fast as James, but you can be a clever engine, oh, and don’t let the crazy Freight Cars tease you.”

Narrator: There were a lot of Freight Cars and Percy worked very hard pushing and pulling them into place and there was also a little trailer and 2 familiar things his driver called the breakdown train.

Percy’s driver: “That’s the breakdown train, Percy, it’s for lifting heavy things ike railroad engines, coaches, and Freight Cars.”

Narrator: The very next morning, Percy was in the yard and suddenly he heard a peculiar railroad engine whistling and shouting.”

Rosie: “Help me, help me!”

Narrator: A free spirited engine came rushing through much too fast, the railroad engine was Rosie and she was terrified, her brake blocks were on fire.

Rosie: “They’re pushing me they’re pushing me!”

Freight Cars: “On, on faster, faster!”

Rosie: “Help me, help me!”

Narrator: Poor Rosie disappeared right under the bridge.

Percy: “I wanna teach those Freight Cars a very important lesson.”

Narrator: Then came the emergency alarm.

Signal Guard: “Rosie’s off the line, the breakdown train, quickly!”

Narrator: Percy took the breakdown train and off they went.”

Narrator: Percy worked his hardest.

Percy: “Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!”

Narrator: He wasn’t pretending to be like James, he really meant it.

Percy: “Bother those Freight Cars and their pranks, I hope poor Rosie isn’t injured.”

Narrator: "They found Rosie & the Fright Cars at a bend at the line. The Break Van & the last few Freight Cars were on the rails. But the front ones were piled in a heap. Rosie was in a field with a Cow looking at her. And her driver was feeling her all over to see if she was injured.”

Rosie’s driver: “Never mind that, Rosie, it wasn’t your entire fault, it was those brake blocks they gave you, we always knew they were no good.”

Narrator: Percy pushed the breakdown train alongside, then he pulled the non injured Freight Cars outta the way.

Freight Cars: “Oh dear oh dear!"

Percy: “Serves you right serves you right!”

Narrator: Percy was hard at work puffing frontwards and backwards all day long.

Percy: “This can teach you a very important lesson, this can teach you a very important lesson.”

Freight Cars: “Yes it will yes it will.”

Narrator: They left the broken Freight Cars, then with the breakdown train they put Rosie back on the line.”

Narrator: She tried to move around, but she couldn’t, so Percy helped her back home.

Narrator: Everybody was waiting excitingly for them.

Fat Controller's Wife: “Well, Percy, we heard all about it, and we’re very pleased with you, you’re a very brave and heroic engine, Rosie should have some proper brake blocks and a new coat of lavender paint, and you should have a branch line all to yourself.”

Percy: “Oh thanks, kind sirs and ma'am.”

Narrator: Now Percy was as cheerful just as can be, he got a branch line and 2 coaches, he puffed proudly frontwards and backwards with them all day long.

Narrator: “He was never lonesome, but Duck and Oliver stopped quite often and tell him the exciting news. Henry is always in a hurry. But never forgets to say

Henry: "Poop Poop"

Narrator: "And Percy always whistles"

Percy: "Peep Peep"

Narrator: "In Return"

The End

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