The Peregrine Starfighter is one of the many different types of fighter craft used in the Coalition military, under the command of Admiral Reynolds.


The Peregrine is the main fighter of the Galactic Republic of the United States, and has been in service for many years, with many different variants. It is a craft that is well liked among the pilots of the US, both old and young, and has taken part in several battles throughout the different stages in the FW Universe. From the first fights against Chaos to Operation: Helter Skelter and beyond, it has seen action that has earned it the respect of its pilots.


The Peregrine is very similar to the Vipers used in the Colonial military, but this is merely coincidental. The wings on the craft are different from those of any other fighter; this is because the wings start off at the top of the fuselage and arch downward until they are equal with the bottom of the craft. It is powered by three powerful engines that allow it to match the speed of most other fighters. Its maneuverability is one of its best features, but it lacks a deflector shield. The designers of the craft made up for this with an special armor that allows it to take several hits from many different types of projectiles and energy weapons, making up for the lack of a shield.


The Peregrine is armed with four cannons, two on the fuselage and two on the wings. It is also armed with six missiles and can be modified to carry bombs of different sorts, as well as other armaments that it was not originally designed for.

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