Perfect School (KND Parody from Goosebumps TV Episode of 2-Parter)

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DCFDTL wants to takeover at...A Middle School, and Then Wants to Gets...Doremi's School is Destroyed!!
is a special episode from Goosebumps, KND Plan with DCFDTL wants to takeover at Doremi's School is destroy, for including monsters for Rita, to gets Destroyed The Kids Next Door.

Various Best of Monsters For Delightful Children from Operation ELECTIONS with The Psycho Rangers

Psycho Rangers
Birds of A Feather
Fowl Play
GrumbleBee (Episode)
Plague of the Mantis
Rita's Seed of Evil

The All-Star Brawl is On as...Melee Classic Monsters from the Show of Fox Kids World 1993-1994 Season 1 MMPR

Various MMPR Season 1 Monsters of Rita Repulsa (2006)

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