1. Download the Perforce P4V client at

2. Make a folder somewhere on your computer where you want to store your local copy of the code

3. Open P4V

4. Type:

Server: (ask Kurt for the ip address)
Port: 1666
User: Blackraptor
Workspace: (make sure this is blank)

5. Hit OK

6. It should open up the application, and you should be able to view the depot.

7. Above the tree view, it should say something like (no workspace selected). Click the arrow on the right to open this select box, and choose new workspace.

8. Enter a name for your workspace

9. It will fill in a form with a bunch of details -- where it says Root, type in the location of the folder you created during step 2

10. Press OK

11. It will ask if you want to copy the depot files in your view -- select OK.

12. You may now checkout/checkin at your leisure.

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