La collection des périodiques de l'Institut International de Planification de l'Education comprend les "newsletters" des bureaux régionaux, les revues en planification, gestion, management, développement....

IIEP Periodicals Section


The IIEP Documentation Centre and ethnolibre

A unique, specialized collection

An exhaustive collection The Documentation Centre was created when the IIEP was founded in 1963. It has on offer some 28.000 books, documents and reports. Most of these are listed in the EPIDOC database. Publications are available in English (65%), French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese… Besides IIEP publications, the collection includes:

a selection of publications by UNESCO and major international organizations literature on educational planning and its economic and social context.

Unique documents:

a range of documents from developing countries a large body of 'grey literature' (unpublished documents and titles intended for specialists) educational plans, documents on educational policies and reforms, as well as national education statistical year books

A collection of hundreds of journals Key subjects

basic education for all (EFA) educational quality links between education and employment employment in the informal sector education and training of disadvantaged groups vocational training costs and funding sources education indicators and information systems school mapping and micro-planning school inspection and management education and good governance evaluation university management the virtual university Other important areas are also covered:

impact of HIV/AIDS on education education in situations of emergency and reconstruction

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