The Persean Republic is an interstellar empire in the game Dying Sun. It is populated by humans, with it's capital at Iota Persei Tetrae, and has about 12 inhabited systems. Earth is not one of them: for the fate of Earth, see the Telhani Confederation.

The Dying Sun

The yellow star Iota Persei, from which the Perseans take their name, is burning it's nuclear fuel at an alarming rate; in 200 (or so) days, it will eat itself and explode in a massive supernova that will wipe out the entire Persean empire. Normal methods, such as re-seeding the sun with skimmed fuel from gas giants, are not enough. The player character of Dying Sun is sent on a quest to find out how to prevent the supernova.


The Persean Empire as a whole is self sufficient, with most planets having light industry, agriculture and service economies as well as commodity exchanges. There are some planetary trade imbalances...

Civilian Starships


Primitive by galactic standards. Mostly lasers and e-mag guns with some fairly sophisticated AI missiles, powered by heavy-helium fueled fusion reactors, fusion pion drives for thrust and hyperdrives. Shields are electromagnetic repulsors.

Look kind of used, gunmetal. Maybe like this a bit [1]?

Military Tactics

Against pirates? Soften them up at range with missiles and e-mag guns. Go in for the kill with rockets and lasers.

Military Starships

Pirates have these too, with or without alien modifications... These will improve with alien tech, and Persean research!


Dagger - Armed with a laser and 4 mid range missile, meant to smack something with one of 4 missiles then finish the job with the laser.

Saber - Armed with 2 heavy missiles and quad e-mag guns, to destroy small gunships.

Hawk - Fast as hell, armed with two lasers and several short-range rockets or missiles. Meant for lightning strikes.

Shrike - "SKREEEEE!" Like the hawk only forget the has a gatling e-mag cannon and missiles, including the one heavy missile.


Lance - Mostly armed with missiles and lasers for short-range skirmishes.

Pegasus - A carrier, carrying 4 Hawks.

Aegis - A heavily armored ship with a lot of mass drivers and a quad laser turret or two, for the killing of enemies at long range and stuff


REEEEEALY depends on what allies you make, as you didn't really need them for large-scale warfare...

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