Each character has their own Personal Demesne. Haven and cocoon, these personal realms are completely pliant to the Denizen’s wishes and will, appearing as they desire and granting them complete mastery. A Denizen who wishes to Transubstantiate to a different Rank must retreat to their own Demesne, using its power to focus their own. Further, a Denizen who has no Psyche remaining may regain a single point by retreating to their Personal Demesne.

All characters are assumed to have retreated to their Personal Demesne at some point prior to game, and must pay a cost determined by their Rank to escape at the start of game. This is done before they can receive any resources.


An individual may enter their own Personal Demesne any time they walk through a doorway unobserved. Individuals who are Discorporate for some reason must only walk through a doorway (even observation by other Discorporate individuals cannot prevent their escape). An individual in a Personal Demesne should mark this by holding a fist at head height. An individual may enter another’s Personal Demesne only if the owner is already within it. To do so they must spend one Substance to which the owner of the destination is Attuned, and pass through a doorway unobserved. The owner of the Personal Demesne is immediately aware of their visitor, and thus must be present on the other side of the doorway (and immediately informed what has happened).

Within the Demesne

A Denizen may not use Powers while within their personal realm, as the pliant nature simply makes it seem as though the dearest wish of the Denizen had been enacted while, in fact, no power has been exerted. No known Worldly Powers can be used from within a Personal Demesne, the Mortal Realm is simply too far removed to make the necessary contact. Otherwise, Denizens are supreme within their own Personal Demesne. They win all conflicts unless the other spends a point of Belief- in which case the contest is made normally. If someone attempts to escape another’s Personal Demesne they must spend a point of Belief. The owner may force an Intensity or Agility challenge. If the owner of a Personal Demesne leaves before their visitors they cannot restrain their guests from leaving.

Leaving the Demesne

Entering one’s Personal Demesne is a double edged sword; each is a custom built prison as well as being a sanctuary. Any character with Rank greater than Shade must spend an amount of Substance matching their Attunement, or points of Belief, determined by their Rank to leave their Demesne.

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