PDA Technology

  • PDA’s are handheld mini-computers that allow users to store, share, receive, and organize multiple types of information from many different sources (PCs, cameras, mobile phones, printers, etc.)
  • PDAs are also used to organize personal information such as calendars, communication information and contacts, and business documents.
  • PDA technology has evolved to include Internet as well as mobile phone technology as well.

Important terms used when referring to PDA Technology

Syncing: sycronizing your computer and PDA to make the best of the Palm technology (making the transfer of data from one source to another smooth and simple.

Beaming: the capability of other PDA users to send you their business cards and other free software (using infrared technology just like a TV remote—to transfer information you just line up the infrared beams of your PDA and another person’s.

Graffiti: the handwriting recognized by PDA’s (slightly different from the regular style of writing---it actually looks like you are writing on an Etch-A-Sketch because you write without lifting the stylus (pen).

How does PDA technology affect job performance, productivity, and working conditions?

  • PDA technology improves job performance because it is an easy way to combine many different types of technology (communication generated by the user, communication or documents users need to download or have sent to their PDA, and information that is on other technological devices that can be quickly transferred to the handheld PDA.
  • PDAs improve job productivity in that they enable the user to manage many different types of information and information from many different technologies all in one step and very quickly. This makes combination of documents and working with different types of information quick and simple, allowing each employee to get a maximum amount of work done at one time.
  • PDAs improve working conditions for employees by enabling them to have all sources of media and communication information that they need all on one handheld device. This will make it easier for users to complete work because they won’t have to worry about one of their machines breaking or jamming or taking a long time because the PDA makes it possible to accomplish everything they need to with one machine.

How do PDA’s affect law enforcement or military strategy?

*PDAs affect law enforcement and military strategies in that they have one small tiny machine that can organize and store multiple sources of data and can be taken just about anywhere (and most have internet capability built right in and covered in the service plan.

  • PDAs also have some security risks such as:

theft of the handheld component itself, password theft, viruses, data theft,

These issues are of major concern to law enforcement or military units that rely on PDAs because the information that they carry and share with others in the same field is usually of the utmost importance and is very classified, meaning that if these security risks were to become a problem, the important information that the law enforcement and military officials carry could get into the wrong hands.

Communication problems solved by the use of PDAs?

*Some communication problems solved by PDA technology are that the PDA is compatible with nearly any other electronic device (although adaptors may need to be purchased), that many different types of media and communication technology can be used on the one handheld machine making it quicker and easier to communicate with others than ever before, and that the system provides an organization system for all different types of media so confusion is lessened when working with different types of media and information at the same time.

Communication problems created by the use of PDAs?

*Security is always an issue with communication technology, but because the PDA can contain many different types of information (personal and business) from many different sources, it is a big problem. This has made PDAs a target for con-artists that try to steal personal and business information from unsuspecting users.

How a (PDA) would effect home and personal life

The Personal Digital Assistant creates an impact on your home and personal life as well. When things get hectic this new technology will keep you on track with meetings, daily schedules, and imporate dates in your everyday life through emails, voice mail, snail mail, and download digital pictures that can be passed on to others. With this device you can communicate to who you want to anyone at any time. If you ever get lost on your way home from out of town and your expected to be at either a family event or a date, the Global Posistioning System will give you directions from anywhere to anywhere on the globe without touching a button. People or a family members with learning or cognitive disabilities can benefit from PDA's organizational and task management options along with its 30 different vioce commands. This phone is perfect for people with limited mobility as well, you can benefit from a PDA’s small size, light weight and portability. For people that can't see well, bright color picture is another feature that PDAs are now available with. With the scratchpad you can automatically give a personalized hand written messages to your love ones.

How will this effect the local national and global economy

People can communicate from all over the world, whether it is simple converstion or checking up on how the stock market is doing and immediately telling you partner what is going on at a moments notice. Locally you can check out what the weather forcasts is for the day or if you are taking classes at community school and your at a doctors appointment that is running behind schedule all you have do is pull out your PDA wireless key board and you can leterally type up your work then save it on Microsoft Word while down loading the book that you are doing your research on! The national economy will be doing more business with the global community. With more technologies available like the PDA their will be more interaction across the globe. With ideas and view points that can eventually lead you into internet communities or discussion groups where you can pass on product ideas that can get your brand / product name out the door. You can also pass on past experiences and knowledge that you might have learned along the way, this will hopefully get others to share their experiences to get the most out of this new technology.

How will this effect the Government?

First of all let start with the election process that might be coming inthe near future with digital voting. No more voting boths, all digital from any porable hand held PDA device by simply plugging in you voters chip. This will definately create some kind of voters fraud along the way. Some one that can tamper with our nations votes can literally change the course of the world. Not only do the canidates have to worry about the publicity on the local news, national news, and the internet. Now they have to worry about the coverage over these new "palmtops" devices that have almost all feature of communication possible. The legislation will be effected with these devices as well but not to the extent the government will at least in the beginning. Political blogs will probably be at an all time high and so will public opinion after the PDA takes over the regular cell phone with out PDA capabilities, just like I Pods took over portable cd players. The PDA also helps you with time mangement. Clear communication with efficient time mangement will be at an all time high. No longer will thier be any confusion on what time or date press meetings, speeches, political dinners, events, are on ect. When it comes down to it are we going to have a digital govt? The future seems to be leaning that way with all of the access to new and business updates.

The psycological impact PDA's will have on users

When this phone / computer comes into play full cirle it is going to be 2nd to your vehicle. That how much this device can do everything but drive. If someone looses their cell phone they feel less connected to their friends and family. imagine when and if the PDA is like a cell phone someday in peoples eyes and they lose that; its going to be like loosing your phone, computer, contacts, and possible business information. Your are definately going to feel losts. On the other hand the users will be effected in a positive way by all of the tools that are available. Example, if you are in Florida and you want to know the score of the Pittsburgh Pirates game you could not only look at what the score was you can also watch it through your PDA! How grat is that! With this amazing new technology that is slowly taking over the cell phone communityyou are always in touch with the things going on in our society today.


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