The Personalities

Your races defines some of the fundamental strengths and weaknesses of your province. However, how you lead -- your background, knowledge, and experience -- also plays a part in how your citizens grow and learn. Each personality also produces a unique benefit for your Elite military units. When entering the Utopian world, you are asked to select a Personality for your leader. This helps to further define your lands, possibly countering a weakness or building upon a natural strength. That, of course, is up to you.

The Merchant Merchants are the masters of money. Known for their intuition and expertise when dealing with cash, Merchants are able to turn general gold and protect the gold they already have.

The Shepherd The Shepherd is an expert of the lands, with extensive experience in farming and hunting. Their ability to live off the land surrounding them helps your people generate food from all types of land.

The Sage The Sage has the wisdom of the ages. Understanding so much about life, the world, and history, the Sage can provide unique guidance in a world consisting of so many different areas. Provinces led by Sages will find themselves more efficient in a wide array of tasks.

The Rogue Widely considered to be evil to the core, the Rogue is a far more complex persona than many realize. Rogues have extensive experience in the arts of fraud, crime, and terror -- but in the Utopian World, this can be used for both good and evil. Rogues will find themselves having access to deadly thievery operations that others can simply never experience.

The Mystic A master of magic, the Mystic has experience with getting the most out of the world of sorcery. Being led by "one of their own" gives a province extraordinary abilities in the mystic arts.

The War Hero A background in war and a legacy of heroism creates an aura of legitimacy around any leader. The War Hero gains enormous respect for his or her position, creating the possibility of amazing benefits if truly heroic.

The Warrior Aggressive, ruthless, and cunning are all adjectives that come to mind when describing the Warrior. Leadership through military power is what being a Warrior is all about. Choosing this personality gives you the ability to hire more mercenaries to work for your kingdom far more cheaply than otherwise.

The General Unlike the above personalities, the General's focus is on the strategic side of war. Leadership is its own reward, and the General's cunning gives you the unique ability to conduct Conquest Attacks at all times. The benefits of this attack are simple: failure can still yield positive results. Military tact is about far more than winning vs. losing for the General -- it is about gaining strategic advantage and taking bits and pieces of land.

The Freak How the Freaks come to power, no one knows. Freaks can be ruthless, headstrong, impressive, or foolish. The freak adds a great deal of chance to every attack you make. It includes the ability to succeed in otherwise impossible attacks or fail in fairly easy assaults. You never really know what will happen when choosing this background.

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