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Earthquake Appeal

This new way of contributing to the reconstruction effort is JUST WRITE FOR PERU. Just copy and paste into these webpages something you've authored: text, photos, videos, talks . . .

      Peru Earthquake

The death toll has risen considerably since this map was published A "new" additional way of giving to the earthquake appeal to aid reconstruction in Peru, following the Chincha-centered earthquake (15/8/07). It's additional because it doesn’t cost money and shouldn't occupy much time. Whatever your area of knowledge and expertise you can participate in this form of "reconstruction" simply by: adding text, graphics and/or other media to an existing page; starting up a new page (write its title in the box above); depositing a digital copy of your published work with the national library (if not already there - check their catalogue).

Suggestions for new pages

Emergency press statements.

Community solidarity.

Testimony of Earthquake survivors.

Solidarity pages: friends and relatives abroad.

Links to the pages of Peru's Civil Defense organisations.

Links to other pages related to the earthquake disaster.

Architectural and other lessons from Huaraz.

New and flexible standards for construction in earthquake-risk zones - an international comparison.

Articles on emergency aid: the case of earthquakes.

Reassembling the architectural memory of Ica, Southern Lima, Pisco, Chincha, Cañete . . . . Photos and descriptions of family homes before and after the destruction.

Share knowledge with professional counterparts.

Write new pages

Create new page.

Create wiki version of articles / text to which you have copyright.

Create versions of original articles in your own and/or national language.

Send in videos and audio files

Upload to YouTube and paste the link address on this page

The pages in English may be found at - Education Network Menu page (English / Inglés) The pages in Spanish may be found at - Red Educativa Página Menu page (Spanish / Castellano / Español)

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