This is a "open collaborative editing" scratchpad for the Education Page of the Peru Earthquake Aid Website. It would be accessed with a link (titled "Education") from the horizontal menu of the main page. Suggested content (PLEASE ADD any other "education" items you think appropriate):

---------------- Proposed content of webpage ----------------

Peru Earthquake Aid Committee Education Webpage

Learn more about Peru and the 2007 Earthquake Zone

A brief online course for those who have heard about the 2007 Earthquake and would like to know more about Peru and the human and cultural heritage threatened by earthquakes and tsunami/sea-quakes.

1. Click here for main page.

2. Click here for start of course.

Just Write for Peru

Just Write for Peru is the title, slogan, nick-name for our new campaign which does not involve giving old blankets (it's too late) or money (we don't want to discourage you / you may have already - if not see our appeal pages . ./ . ). Just Write 4 Peru - is it right for you? This is an additional way for the world to respond to the Peru Earthquake 2007 Appeal. {Embed the page Peru Earthquake 2007 (fixed edition) as discussed with DM and LL Saturday - embedding opens up directly editable documents on the website / . . /Just Write for Peru}

Draw, write (right?) and shoot for Peru

A multimedia variant of the above.

Reconstructing Cultural Heritage

Uses collaborative editing to explore the issue of reconstruction of previously destroyed / damaged buildings in earthquake zones: Huaraz 1970, Arequipa 1958-59, 2001, Pisco 2007 Write to Education editor for more information . . .

End content of webpage --------------------

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