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Peruvian(ist) Organisations at Wikia

Peruvian(ist) Associations (Ireland & UK)

Enter your organisation's name above the webpage address listed below or ADD a complete entry. Do not list an email address except in the form NAME[] / / where [] replaces the @ and / replaces the .(dot / punto). E.g. becomes brunhilda_jones[]yahoo/co/is - this apparently hinders spamming robots!

Community Learning/Cultural Centre in Villa Maria del Triunfo, Lima-Peru

Baila Peru <> Wisdom of the Andes, Maria Rosita and Ciro / c/o Maria Rosita Apaza Marchaqa

Photographic and media records, Hing Tsang

Casa del Poeta Peruano de Londres c/o Juan Calle

Pro-peruvian Art(UK)

Peru Support Group

Software note: associations could be / are listed here automatically when their "http://www" address appears on any of the pages (not yet functioning).

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