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Peter Applebottom's Death is an episode of Mysterious Mysteries Abridged Series for the Case Closed catalog featuring guest starrs of Simpson characters.


  • Conan Edogawa/Jimmy Kudo: 17-year old detective transformed into a 7-year old by poison
  • Rachel Moore: Karate champion and Jimmy's girlfriend
  • Richard Moore: One of Japan's detectives and can be drunk sometimes
  • Amy, Mitch, George: One of the detective leagues. Amy is one of the females, George is fat and Mitch is smart and greedy.
  • Vi Graythorn/Sherry/Shiho: An 18-year old ex-spy who deaged to an 8 year old for the poison she created at Jimmy
  • Ms. Jodie Santemillion: American English teacher of Rachel and Serena who speaks like a prehistorical speech.
  • Inspector Meguire: A top police officer and Richard's ex boss.
  • Serena Sebastin: Rachel's best friend who she is mostly seen with.

Guest Starrs

  • Homer Simpson: A lazy father who loves doughnuts and beer. Catchphrase is D'oh.
  • Bart Simpson: Homer's 10-year old zany obnoxious son.
  • Nelson Muntz: One of the bullies at Springfield Elementary School and Bart's nemisis.
  • Itchy and Scratchy: Two Tom-and-Jerry parodied cartoon characters and Bart's favorite characters.
  • Moe Szyzlak: Bartender at Moe's Taverns and friends with Barney, Homer, Carl and Lenny.
  • Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: Manager of the Kwik-e-Mart who serves Squishees, parody of Slushies.
  • Peter Applebottom: A dead author who was killed by an assassin.


  • "Nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger" - Bart
  • "CC's! You can't say D'oh!" - Announcer and Homer
  • "Only One Truth Prevails" - Jimmy Kudo


In the Japanese Museum of Science and Natural History, they discover a famous lecturer named Peter Applebottom. Suddenly, Peter died from a murder. When Ms. Jodie looked at the body, she realizes that it died of a heart attack. Also, the suspects are Ms. Jodie, Rachael, Serena, Conan, Homer, Bart, Moe, Nelson and Apu.


  • Ms. Jodie: Don't get it! How come suspect shows no blood?
  • Nelson: Ha ha! You talk funny.

  • Conan: I like Itchy and Scratchy. But, this is too violent.
  • Bart: Don't have a cow man!

  • Richard: Is that a bathroom?
  • Apu: Not for you.

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