Peter Fox is the eldest child of the Fox family. A sixteen-year-old high school student, he is regularly shown wearing a blue/purple and white baseball cap with the letter A on it (standing for Amherst College, Bill Amend's Alma Mater), as well as a grey hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. He is also depicted as having an exaggerated appetite, but is frustrated that no matter how much he eats, he cannot seem to gain any weight.[11][12] He is also shown as a reckless driver,[13] once claiming to have "flirted" with four-digit speeds.[14] Peter is also portrayed as a procrastinator; one of the running gags of the strip is the many ways he dreams up to avoid doing his homework or household chores.

Late in the strip's first year, he met and befriended Denise Russo, a blind girl whom he met at school. Despite several appearances throughout the 1990s, Denise has not appeared in the strip since the early 2000s.

Steve Riley, another friend of Peter's, has also appeared in the strip occasionally. Peter and Steve are often seen watching sports or playing video games together; on occasion, the two play their electric guitars together as well. (Peter has often expressed dreams of becoming a rock star.)

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