Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin is the main protagonist of Family Guy. He is the husband of Lois Griffin, the son-in-law of Carter and Barbara Pewterschmidt, the brother-in-law of Patrick Pewterschmidt, the brother-in-law of Carol Pewterschmidt, the son of Francis and Thelma Griffin, the biological son of Mickey McFinnigan, the father of Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin and the biological father of Bertram. He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane.


Evil Acts

(please note most were ayes for comedic effect)

  • Has abused Meg and Chris since they were babies and went as far as to blame Lois for it.
  • Tortured the Pewtersmidts's cat to death.
  • Blew up an orphanage without mercy or remorse.
  • Threw an injured Stewie with infected head wounds under a bus.

Appears In

Counterparts (Family Guy Version)

Counterparts (The Cleveland Show Version)

More Coming Soon


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