• Peter Pan as Flik
  • Wendy Darling as Princess Atta
  • Jane as Princess Dot
  • Edward as Mr Soil
  • Timon From (The Lion King) as Thorny
  • Casey From (Pokemon) as Dr Flora
  • Mr Darling as Cornelius
  • Mrs Darling as Queen Ant
  • Vidia From (Tinkerbell) as Rosie
  • Twins as Tuck and Roll
  • Minister Of Autumn From (Tinkerbell) as Manny
  • Bobble From (Tinkerbell) as Francis
  • Jack Sparrow From (Pirates Of The Caribbean) as PT Flea
  • Tinkerbell as Gypsy Moth
  • John Darling as Slim
  • George Darling as Heimlich
  • Bambi From (Bambi) as Dim
  • Captain Hook as Hopper
  • Mr Smee as Molt
  • Murtogg and Mullroy From (Pirates Of The Caribbean) as Axel and Loco
  • The Pirates as The Grasshoppers
  • Phantom From (Pokemon Ranger and The Temple of The Sea) as Thumper

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