Based on the movie Peter Pan.

  • Sonic as Peter Pan
  • Cosmo as Tinker Bell
  • Amy Rose as Wendy
  • Tails as John
  • Charmy as Michael
  • A Chao as Michael's teddy bear
  • Rotor as Nana
  • Doctor Ivo Robotnik as Captain Hook
  • Decoe and Bocoe as Mister Smee
  • Vector as the Crocodile
  • SWATbots as the crew
  • random Skunk, Raccoons, Fox, Bear and Rabbit chars as The Lost Boys
  • Breezie, Cream, Sonia, Rouge, Wave, and a random bird character as the Mermaids
  • Tikal as Tiger Lily
  • Pachacamac as the Indian Chief
  • Knuckles, Athair, and various echidnas as the Tribe
  • Anthony as George
  • Angela as Mary

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