Peter Pan as Wart Genie as Merlin Owl as Archimedes Stromboli as Sir Ector Stabbington Brothers as Sir Kay Cogsworth as Sir Pellinore Carlotta as The Scullery Maid Cassim as Black Bart the Knight Mother Gothel as Madame Mim Wolf from Make Mine Music as The Wolf Monstro as The Pike Hawk from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West as The Hawk Flounder as Fish Wart Mr. Codfish as Fish Merlin Fievel Mousekewitz as Squrriel Wart Olivia Flaversham as The Little Girl Squrriel Basil of Baker Street as Squrriel Merlin Auntie Shrew as The Old Granny Squrriel Buster the Bird as Bird Wart Verne as Turtle Merlin Buster Bunny as Rabbit Merlin Squeaks the Caterpillar as Caterpillar Merlin The Walrus as Walrus Merlin Roquefort as Mouse Merlin Gopher as Gopher Merlin Mr. Krabs as Crab Merlin Jeb the Goat as Goat Merlin Al the Alligator as Crocodile Madame Mim Honest John as Fox Madame Mim Audrey as Chicken Madame Mim Eloise as Elephant Madame Mim Raja as Tiger Madame Mim Twister the Snake as Snake Madame Mim Commander Vachir as Rhinoceros Madame Mim Dragoness as Dragon Madame Mim

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