Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady and Other Stories is a fan fiction DVD of Skarloeyrailway01's Wooden Railway Series. It includes seven episodes, a TV series episode, and two songs.


Peter Sam, Thomas and friends welcome you to Sodor. See Skarloey's valiant effort to pull a train. Recall how Thomas got his branch line, and enjoy Gordon's trip to London. Also included are two songs.


1. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady

2. Old Faithful

3. Dirty Objects

4. Thomas and the Breakdown Train

5. Saved From Scrap

6. Percy and the Trousers

7. Gordon Goes Foreign

Bonus TV Series Episode

A Bad Day for Harold

Songs (on CD Sampler)

1. Let's Have A Race

2. Gone Fishing

Cover Art

Main: Skarloey from Old Faithful

Inset: Harold

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